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August 4 , 2020
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Oforia - Let it Beat

 ( BNE ,  Dec. 2001 )

1. Abyssadelic 140bpm 8:33 2. Millions of Miles Away 140bpm 8:20 3. Let it Beat 142bpm 8:24 4. Into Another Universe 145bpm 7:40 5. Alien Pump (sabotage remix) 146bpm 8:41 6. Gain Bang 145bpm 8:20 7. Red Levels 142bpm 7:48 8. Lunar Quartet 145bpm 8:04 9. Hypnotonic 133bpm 7:30

Well, Ofer has done it once more. If it was Tandu's Multimoods, or Delirious, Pigs In Space or simply Phreaky, Ofer has taken the boundaries of trance and once again stretched them a bit more.

The softer sounds of club trance combined with the hardcore kick drums and basslines of psychedelic trance do their work well when Ofer is in charge. Making the leap of thought from psychedelic goa and upbeat melodic trance to the realms of progressive, Dikovski has managed to put out a real gem here with his third Oforia album.

Abyssadelic, the opening track has a roaring presence, making you feel like you're in the eye of the storm. Making its way through searing melodies and progressive touches, Millions of Miles Away and Let it Beat thunder on, making ready for the oncoming onslaught. Being the artist he is, with his experiments in Pigs In space, Dikovski relentlessly pounds the BPM meter in Into Another Universe, and exceeds the speed limit to so many (though it's not really felt at the beginning), giving way to one of the purest pearls of the album- the sabotage remix to Tandu's Alien Pump. A Nostalgic view of this track, it starts off in a very progressive fashion, which slowly builds up the tension towards the finishing lines of that unforgettable melody.

From here on end, Ofer pretty much concludes the full on experience with 3 clubby-progressive trance tracks. Gain Bang is a tad excruciating at times, what with its violent BPM and structure of the track.

Red Levels is a far more calm version of Ofer's vision in this album, a more cozy, groovy touch to it, followed by Lunar Quartet, yet another scorcher on the floor. The finishing touch, Hypnotonic is a brave effort to give in to the people of the night, a crunchier, softer track, a perfect finish.

Recomendation:  TA Tenacious Album, one that rips you open, tears your ears and leaving you crying out for more. Favs: 1, 2, 3, 5, 9

Favorite tracks:1, 4, 5, 9.

Review by : Jason (LyTe)

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