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October 1 , 2020
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Perfect Stranger - Clear Vision 07 EP

 ( Iboga ,  Sep. 2008 )

1. Clear Vision 07 9:52 2. Clear Vision 07 (Fiord remix) 8:05 3. What's the Lineup 9:00

Yuli Fershtat a.k.a. Perfect Stranger/BLT, a brave man born back in 1970. Why brave, you ask. Well, he is not the bravest but he definitely is the gutsier one. The one who wasn't afraid to experiment, express and have fun while doing it. When I come to think about it, we all had fun in this ongoing process. Process of “Change” when the visions were clear and the impact on the musical style was imminent. Here we have another proof of that. Let's examine it closely:

Clear Vision 07 is a new version for an old BLT track from the Presence album. The inhuman techno style snugly incorporated with the sharp percussions is slowly getting a grip on the listener’s fragile brain, and takes it over with the wicked synth. Everything is sharp, as if the Saturday night fever is on, so adding extra grease won't do much harm. This is a very deep take that focuses and fiddles with the bass line, building the elements slowly into what almost becomes trance.
The Fiord remix follows. The combusted distorted pads are fizzling in the background while the house atmosphere makes its take. The bass is low and the groove is definitely present all made in the well recognized Storm brothers sound, implying dubbed short percussions and a jaunty cow bell mixed into an intense, dark, music which I can tag as experimental, hypnotic and multi layered. Then it’s What’s the Lineup. The clean, straight forward banging samples developing in a well known manner, this psy progressive landmark is put to remind us of the early successful experiments. Imagine this wild music with smiling faces all beneath the sun dusting the dance floor helpless before the syncopated rhythm.

Recomendation:  All in all this is good release with loads of fresh sounds and old crossover styles showcasing the talent of the artists. As for the artwork it's just plain and simple. No cheesy graphics, only aquarelle clouds of which the Simpons can get a bit jealous.

Review by : Kikola

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