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February 25 , 2024
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 ( Dance N Dust ,  Feb. 2003 )

1. Shaman- Rear View Mirror 139bpm 8:21 2. Exanimo vs. DJ Stephen- Danger of the Night 140bpm 8:35 3. Krumelur- Inspiration 142bpm 8:09 4. Insect Sun- Tribe 137bpm 6:18 5. Triplex- Lexonoise 140bpm 7:02 6. Molecular- Hardcore Party (Evil Drug Lords remix) 138bpm 10:39 7. Ryan Halifax- Plocker Plocker 138bpm 7:02 8. Platform- Object 700 135bpm 5:26 9. Dogma3000- Other Side 138bpm 7:25

DJ Asherun compiled here tracks representing his vision of progressive psychedelic trance. The outcome is mostly very nice with some excellent tunes. There are some low moments and I would have arranged the tracks differently, but all and all itís a very good compilation.
Shaman opens with a relaxed and light blippy drippy psychedelic tune. Excellent track and a great opener. Than itís Exanimo & DJ Stephen. Danger of the Night is a grabby moving track, with catchy housey rhythms and some ethnic elements. Doesnít feel like what the name suggests, but then I donít understand that German sample... Krumelur follows and proves again with Inspiration (T3), as he did in his debut album, that he can write mind boggling psychedelic music that goes deep. I just wish heíd improve his production. Insect Sunís Tribe (T4) is tribal on the percussion side, but not really on the feel side of things. Cute, but not more. It starts the darker side of things here and then Triplex ventures into darker realms with a tech-trance tune- hard and heavy. Evil Drug Lords remix to Molecularís Hardcore Party (T6, original released on Acupuncture) is my favorite here. Long story, full of deep feel, and strong moody yet optimistic atmosphere. Excellent. Follows Ryan Halifax with my least favorite here. Does nothing to me. Platform jumps back to darker technoish realms with Globus (T8), and breaks the atmosphere completely. Very mechanic and not too exciting. Dogma3000 end the CD with an airy emotional progressive tune with deep feel and a relaxed optimistic dawn feel to it. A very nice finish to the story.

Recomendation:  A much better second compilation for Dance N Dust, delivering the feel of psychedelic and progressive they promote very well.
Favorites: 1-3, 6(!), 9.

Favorite tracks:1-3, 6(!), 9.

Review by : Shahar

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