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March 21 , 2019
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 ( Psytropic ,  Jan. 2005 )

1. Nasa- Delysid 8:58 2. Neelix- Colours 7:49 3. Psynina- Stop that Killing 8:05 4. Nova- Feel the Moment 8:03 5. A.P.E- Aeroponal Brain Damage 7:36 6. Dozer & 40%- SPO (BLT edit) 6:50 7. Elec3- Paranormal Comes Alive 6:53 8. Brain Damage- Virus Player 7:45 9. Ultravoice- Multi 7:19 10. Cosmic Tone- I Want to Be There 7:00

Psytropic is a new label founded by Thomas Vitali aka Chemicus. He compiled this compilation where he gives stage to some forgotten styles. Most of the tracks here are made by Israeli artists, with additional contributions by Germans and a Dane.

The first track, Delysid by Nasa, is a minimal track. Minimal music in 2005, something quite unusual. Not my style, but it's not that bad. Could have been a bit shorter though. Neelix adds some speed to the music with Colours. This track sounds pretty old and yet quite fresh. Psynina stops the killing with some kind of a fusion between tech trance and morning progressive music- a successful fusion I must add. The attack of the Israelis starts in track 4- Feel the Moment by Nova (aka Solar System). The bassline indeed sound "made in Israel", but make no mistakes- this track is somewhat minimal and even has a Goaish part in it. A.P.E adds a bit of dark psy to the compilation. Not too hard, yet not too fluffy, this one can resemble tech-trance at times. Track 6 is another version made by BLT to SPO, originally released on Propaganda by Spliff Music. Not much different from the original, basically just the cheese melody taken out of it. The track itself sounds like BLT making an attempt at making full on, which is always interesting to hear. More than halfway throughout the compilation, Elec3 adds the melodic touch to it with Paranormal Comes Alive. Light Full on, which adds yet another style to the variety of the compilation. Brain Damage is a young upcoming artist with some releases so far, mainly in cooperation with Electro Sun. His track here is a solo one and shows what he can do on his own. This track is more psychedelia and less melodies, which is good to see from him. Track 9 is Multi by Ultravoice. I didn't like this one too much, sounds like an attempt to copy some ideas from Bizzare Contact and that's about it. Quite boring in my opinion. The closing track is I Want to Be There by Cosmic Tone. Surprisingly, the track is not 142 bpm like he makes all the time, it's 143! Nothing special here as well, sounds like a typical Cosmic Tone track, very airy and atmospheric.

Recomendation:  First of all, I must say that releases like this which combine many styles are very rare and it's good to have one once in a while. Most of the artists here are new and it shows in the music, it can be more polished, both in sound and writing. Other than that, the music is very interesting. Many fusions of styles, nothing is defined here. I was expecting yet another average full on compilation and it definitely surprised me. This release should be considered by anyone looking for something different and something which combines both old and new. Favorites: 2, 3, 5, 7.

Review by : Mike A.

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