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April 11 , 2021
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Pure Imagination 2

 ( Utopia ,  Mar. 2005 )

1. Freaked Frequency- 51 Times 145bpm 6:34 2. Sixsense- The Hive 147bpm 7:34 3. Ananda Shake- Intensity 146bpm 8:16 4. Vibe Tribe- Thriller 146bpm 7:15 5. Freaked Frequency- Panic 145bpm 7:31 6. Sixsense- Fight 148bpm 6:27 7. Aniki (Nissimyani)- Ayawaska Vamos 148bpm 8:25 8. Life Extension- Aaliyah 145bpm 8:06 9. Chemical Drive- Gshok 143bpm 7:35

The long ago announced compilation is here. A second part to Pure Imagination 1, released about a year ago. This time the CD is compiled by Sixsense who also included two of his own tracks in it.

Freaked Frequency are a new name in the trance scene. 51 Times is their first track here. Overall it's a good track- powerful, fast and dancefloor friendly. 2 things which really bothered me are the horribly overused sample and the inclusion of guitars which to be honest, I'm so tired of. Sixsense- The Hive comes next. I was impressed with his earlier work and the progress he shows in this track is very nice. Better sound, better ideas, more psychedelia and less cheese. The melodies are well thought of and the structure sounds almost progressive like. Ananda Shake's Intensity is indeed intense. The track sounds like it was taken off their album, Emotion in Motion. If you like their neo-Goa style then this one will definitely please you. Vibe Tribe's Thriller is next. A real surprise. Their production level has improved by a few degrees since their album. Intelligent synth lines, power, power and more power! This one's a full on track packed with complex melodies- one of the best here. Panic is the second track by Freaked Frequency. Just like before, this track is great until the guitars come in and make it sound quite cheap. Without the guitars it could be an excellent track. Track 6, Sixsense- Fight, gets as fast as 148 bpm. Guitars yet again, but fortunately they are not the lead but a supporting element, which works quite well here. This one combines dreamy melodies together with twisted synth lines into one happy symphony. Aniki (half of Nissimyani) produces Ayawaska Vamos. This one takes us into another direction. No more light melodies, demented ideas and chaotic sounds take the lead. It could have been much better, the sound production is just not up to the level of the rest of the tracks. Life Extension's Aaliyah surprised me. The overall atmosphere reminds me of California Sunshine or Power Source tracks for some reason, and that's not something you hear very often. Easy morning vibe that somehow keeps the same thing running for long minutes without sounding boring. Chemical Drive keeps with his tradition of light morning full on and provides the closing track for the compilation- Gshok. Nothing really special in here, but it's a fun track that does the job.

Recomendation:  Some new names together with known ones. The overall style is the traditional melodic full on we get from Utopia Records but with a twist of progress and evolution. Favorites: All but 7, especially 4 and 6.

Review by : Mike A.

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