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February 28 , 2021
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Sesto Sento- Remixer

 ( Com.pact ,  Jul. 2005 )

1. Follow Me remix 6:54 2. Cookie Stealer (GMS remix) 6:14 3. Dive to Drive (Visual Contact remix) 7:49 4. Primi TB (Aquatica remix) 8:19 5. Omiakon (CPU remix) 6:54 (with Apocalypse) 6. Run on Green (Protoculture remix) 8:28 7. Teddy Enters Wonderland (Pop Stream remix) 6:35 8. Goadzilla (Apocalypse remix) 7:22 9. Getting Fused (Silicon Sound remix) 7:31

Finally the mailman delivered this piece of plastic at my home... I was waiting for this since last year when I heard the remix of Run on Green at a party. The cover is green and shows a real mix... Inside the folder we can find the ingredients of this perfect recipe. The final mastering was made by Visual Paradox and itīs a good work. Thereīs no mention to bpms and track times.
Right at the start of the album the Sesto guys present us a remix of Follow Me, one of the best tracks of their debut album. The result makes wonders on dance floor, this remix took everything from the original and mixed it with a groove touch. The second track is a GMS rmx to Cookie Stealer, a track with one of the most impressive basslines ever created. Riktan and Bansi just did it again, and this track has being used as a secret weapon since last year, but I prefer the original. Next we have nothing less that Visual Paradox and Bizarre Contact together, putting every spice they had at home in this remix to an already amazing track: Dive to Drive(T3). The track has the old melodies and the old basslines, plus new melodies and new basslines. If you went to parties you already heard this, it's being played all around the globe and in my opinion its
better that the Gataka rmx. Aquatica comes up twisting the melodies of another one of the best Sesto tracks: Primi TB. I love the original and this one is also lovely, specially after the break when it comes back with a real stomper bassline. Next we have a Omiakon remix by CPU (T5). A bit more darker than the previous tracks and with less melodies, this track do it smoothly on the dance floor in spite of it's power. It's a strange track with new samples and basslines, but it's good. Nate aka Protoculture completely perverted an average track from Sesto's debut: Run on Green, transforming it on a dance floor monster. It's my favorite here, works every time, makes me cry at the main break and the well placed sample: "Welcome to Earth!" always summon a smile at my face. Teddy Enter Wonderland(T7) is the next track to be upgraded. Pop Stream added new layers of psychedelic noises and effects giving a new breath to the track, I like it. Then Apocalypse, another member of the Com.Pact crew, presents us his remix to Goadzilla. This track is groovier and the samples: "Bad House Music" drop some smiles at the dance floor, the power here is not on the build ups, but on the bass and effects. The last track on this great album is a groovy Silicon Sound remix to Getting Fused (T9), one of my favorite tracks from the Sesto Sento debut album "Inner Light". This track is on the borderline between full on and progressive and is being used to add some power to progressive sets. Also itīs perfect for home listening.

Recomendation:  A must have album; there is no better way to describe it. I can easily play most of these tracks in my set, and these days there are few albums out there from which I would play more than one track. In my opinion this is the best Com.Pact release this year. The only drawback here is that we have only 66 minutes of music, why not add another remix? I recommend this album for anyone who wants a diverse selection of good tracks in a single album. If you're a DJ go for it before it's gone. If you're a psytrance fan it's surely a very good addition to your collection.
Favorites: 1(!!!), 2, 3(!!!), 4(!), 5(!), 6(!!!), 7, 9(!).

Review by : full_on.

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