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February 24 , 2024
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Sesto Sento - The Bright Side

 ( Com.pact ,  Nov. 2003 )

1. The Bright Side 1:33 2. Cookie Stealer 143bpm 8:45 3. Dive to Drive 145bpm 7:07 4. Sneaky Sneaky (final cut) 143bpm 7:15 5. Primi TB 144bpm 7:24 6. Smart Move 142bpm 7:09 7. Slow Move 125bpm 4:53 8. Playmobil 145bpm 7:50 9. Omiakon (feat. Apocalipse) 143bpm 6:28 10. Mean Tacco Machine 143bpm 7:02 11. Lust for Dust 155bpm 2:50

This is Sesto Sento's second album, the first being The Inner Light. I was a bit disappointed by their first album- it sounded quite immature to me, so I didn't have a lot of expectations for this one. But it surely surprised me! This is one of the better albums I have heard lately.

The intro theme track is a short one, with some people talking and beating up each other in a groovy rhythm. The first real track is Cookie Stealer. Some spooky bell sounds at start and then a really groovy beat comes. Slow and psychedelic- this is what this track is about. Dive to Drive is were we start picking up pace. It builds up slowly and steadily, and has one of the most beautiful vocal parts I've ever heard in a psychedelic trance track. Sneaky Sneaky continues in the same direction- intelligent groovy full on music. Great positive metallic melodies in this one. Primi TV, the fifth track, may sound a bit Infected - but it's done Sesto style. Smart Move (T6) goes heavier and with some atmosphere inside. Less work for the body here, but much more work for the soul. This one is nothing less than pure beauty. After moving your minds in Smart Move, it's time to move the slowly now in Slow Move, a sort of a chillout mix to the previous one, and done very well. Playmobil is another metallic one, which gets quite boring really. More variety could have been nice here, especially after the break a track earlier. Omiakan is a collaboration between Sesto Sento and Apocalipse and it sounds just like it. A stormer for the floor, but not much more than that. Mean Tacco Machine is a welcome change back into the groove, maybe a bit too bizarre this time, but still good. The album ends with The Lust for Dust- a fast jungly breakbeat track.

Recomendation:  This is music to my ears. If you're looking for something different, groovy, happy and interesting you've finally found it. Intelligent dance floor music is what you'll get here, even though the production can still be better.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3(!), 4, 5, 6(!), 7, 10.

Review by : Mike A

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