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October 26 , 2021
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Shulman - Random Thoughts

 ( Aleph Zero ,  Feb. 2006 )

01. Shulman - OMG - 11:11 02. Bluetech & Shulman - Midnight Bloom - 06:36 03. Shulman - Zero Degrees - 07:36 04. Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson - Ra He.ya (Shulman Remix) - 09:33 05. Entheogenic - Spaced (Shulman Remix) - 07:59 06. Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan - Ya Bouy (Shulman Remix) - 07:06 07. Shulman - Look Honey it's the Vitties! - 07:40 08. Shulman feat Lee Triffon - I Dive - 08:43 09. Shulman - Staring at the Abyss - 06:22

The Shulman project, comprised of Yaniv Shulman and later joined by Omir Harpaz, is considered of the leading groups of the psychedelic chill out and ambient scene, and is my favorite chill act. His second album “In search of a meaningful moment” is the best chill album in my opinion. He is also one of the owners of Aleph Zero Records, the label that released his last album and this album that contains different compositions in different tones that accumulated in Shulman's studio independently of any specific album project. Shulman Live is now consisted of a full acoustic band and all the material has been rearranged to make the best out of the two worlds. The mastering of the album was made by Shulman himself, he is very experienced in mastering, being the main responsible for the Aleph Zero’s Mastering Studio, so the mastering sounds just perfect.
The cover is one of most original covers in a long time. Excellent idea and perfect execution.
The album begins in a smooth way, we have enough time to reflect, since it takes almost 5 minutes before the first beat arrives. Yes, God, life, delight and pain are the subject here. I found this first track very introspective and difficult to describe, the sound textures come and go, but always leave behind some melancholy. The next track (T2) is one of my favorite tracks on his album; I knew it on the first time I listened to it. Many well chosen melodies, astonishing synths and unforgettable timbers, it reminds me a lot of the classic Shulman’s second album. This is deep, changeable music. In one word: memorable. The track name brings me to my mind a beautiful image; it is a pleasure to hear this music! Somehow the beginning of the third track brought back the introspective character of the first track. It brings me some reflections, old (even sad) feelings, around 3:30 there is hope, and it is just what the doctor ordered to see this hope become something new and full of promises. This track is a perfect example of how music can concern feelings. Meaningful and positive track! If you’re going to play this at a party, be careful with the weird way the track ends. The fourth track is a big hit on the chill floors all around the world. The original track was remixed by some of the most skillful artists in the psychedelic sphere, and released as a teaser for the debut album of Sub6, but it is clear that the Ra He’ya Remixes single could not be released without a downtempo remix by Shulman. It develops slowly and it takes more than 7 psychedelic minutes to hear Michele’s sexy voice singing of the most well-known chorus. “How do you like it? Yeah…Take all the clothes off...” It is another highlight of this compilation. Next track is a remix to Entheogenic (T5). Beginning with a distorted sample about a prophecy and “The imagination inside the particle really is the most vast frontier…”, this is a classic chill tune, a deep bass and implausible sounds are the recipe to the success here. Why do I move my body while listening to this faster track? Maybe because all those irresistible psychedelic elements… Really mind blowing… The solo at the end reminds me of The Doors, it’s good-looking and simple to mix with other tunes.
The very beginning of this music (T6) really touch me, it has a beatless emotional atmosphere. The beat arrives bringing movement and taking the track in another direction. Soon we got a flute with an organic timber, and some psychedelic elements creating an incredibly rich diversity. Another change in direction, now a tribal mood is achieved. The stereo work is excellent. I would call this track “The Shapeshifter”, since it is a very diverse track mixing different influences; surely it took many hours to produce. Wow, I love this track! (T7) Right at the beginning there are carefully chosen noises and effects, Soon enough a melody with a pinch of psychedelic in it and some sort of crazy break beat… The whole stuff develops into some sort of jazz influenced music, with a tinny touch of drum and bass. The Jazz-like build ups are incredible! No words can describe it. Brilliant track. Next we have another fantastic track (T8) that begins like a classic chill tune, and when we least expect there is a wonderful voice singing:
"I dive in the ocean...
What an emotion...
I dive in the ocean...
I see the man wanders all alone
We're deep on the chill realms again, astonished by the diving emotions... Again the gentle voice:
"You are inspiration...
You are everything I need...
You are the creation...
You are everything I need..."
After this brief diving we're back on the surface for a mind blowing solo. It’s in fact an exploration of the deeper realms of the inner ocean. This is the best track for me on this release, but this position is always changing... So let’s move to the last track (T9). After all these well crafted gems, what Shulman got left in his sleeve? I think this abyss is deep under the sea, in fact this whole track sounds as if it is happening underwater. Deep diving sounds… What we got here is an inconceivable beat less chill tune. Many sound layers going onward and backward, orchestrated in a remarkable way. Good choice to end the album!
Shulman did it one more time; this is another instant masterpiece, a diverse and eclectic chill album, with a pinch of everything inside it. One whole point for each track, scoring high among my favorites. This piece of plastic contains 73 deep minutes of diverse music. Congratulations to Aleph Zero Records, keep always delivering the best!

Recomendation:  This is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys psychedelic music, and if you like chill out and ambient music this release was made for you. An instant classic, another perfect work from the master Shulman. No words can describe it.
Favorites: 1, 2(!!!), 3(!), 4(!), 5(!!), 6(!), 7(!!), 8(!!!), 9.

Review by : full on.

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