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February 25 , 2021
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Space Buddha - Jungle of Wishes

 ( Agitato ,  Aug. 2002 )

1. In Denail 6:40 2. Liquid Sky 6:47 3. Overfly Zone 6:44 4. Jungle of Wishes 7:09 5. Macrocosm 8:01 6. Paranormal Input 7:50 7. I Think Therefor I Am 7:20 8. Elevation 7:40

The fourth album from Space Buddha coming with full power. This is basically your regular full-on album, with some similarities to Astrix and GMS here and there. Still, it manages to freshen up the morning time a bit with new sounds. One thing they did not succeed with is the spelling of the album and track names, unfortunately. This album is somewhat melodic, with little flashbacks back to Goa times, but basically it just rolls with the groove.

So the first track is In Denail which brings you into the Space Buddha realm in no time. Pounding kick drum with nice background percussion accompanied by funky leads and sounds are perfect for the opener. Next comes Liquid Sky with a sample already used by Psysex in Smooth Sailing. This time the track is not chill-out, but aggressive full on with sounds very similar to the previous track. A little originality could help here. Overfly Zone (T3) is one of the better tracks on this album. A bit darker than the previous ones with more electric sounds but still delivers the formula for an active dancefloor in a perfect way. Fourth track is Jungle of Whishes, this time even darker. Nonetheless, the happy melodies still exists, but in harsher sounds. Microcosm comes next with an industrial progressive beat and percussion, but everything else is far from being so. Recovering a bit from the darkness of the previous track, this track is the right one for mid-album. The sixth track, Paranormal Input, brings us back to the happy minutes of the first tracks on this album but with an interesting combination of tech-trance elements. I Think Therefor I Am, also known as track number seven is probably the most psychedelic and trippy track on this album. Twinkling sounds and bizarre lines make sure that you leave this journey with some brain work to do. Closing this album is Elevation with a deep heavy base drum and flying sounds. This track is much harder that the rest of this album, which is a nice thing to have after hearing almost the same thing for 7 tracks.

Recomendation:  If you're a full-on lover (like me) who searches for excitement on the dancefloor, this is for you. I think that this album can do very well, if you're ignoring the repetitive and not-so-original part of it. This album was meant to make people move, and it does the job very well. My favorites: 1,3,6,8(!).

Review by : Mike A

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