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December 10 , 2018
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Spectrum - Space Helmet

 ( Spectrum ,  May. 2006 )

1. Albert Einstein 2. Bad Boys rmx 3. Barking Alien 4. Show Time 5. Space Helmet 6. Pizdata 7. Budha Stick (Live Bass Remix) 8. Down Town Tel Aviv (Dede's Goa 06 rmx) 9. Deep Impact

Spectrum is David Nachmias AKA DJ Dede from Israel. Spectrum has been around for a while. Avi Elgranati @ Space Cat Studios mastered this CD. The cover art and design by Noam Levkovitz (nomgy). Slick cover design, Lets hear the music already.

(T1) Albert Einstein features Perplex, ďthe fabric of the cosmos, space, and time and the texture of realityĒ is one of the many samples in the first track. This would be a good example of fast/feel good full on. Itís packed with neat tricks and trendy breaks. Really top notch production here. It starts off strong. (T2) Bad Boys (Rmx) is a DJ Kido & Stereomatic track which DJ Dede remixed. It starts off with triple melodies, a well-known preset in Absynth. When I heard it I was like ďHey, I know where thatís from.Ē By this point Iím already tapping my feet to the wonderful rhythm. (T3) Barking Alien written with Ultravoice has a nice pad/dreamy intro with some break beats. Then the ever so distorted kick and bass slow rising modulated with a cutoff filter. After 16 bars the Claps and Percussions. It has a cool break and a nice bass line change. Ok this is quite straightforward. It starting to sound like traditional formulated psy-trance. However the production level as I said earlier is top-notch. (T4) Show Time written with Stereomatic starts off again with intelligent patterns of sounds. It has a catchy kick and bass combination. This sound is hard to get nowadays. I heard a lot of imitation full-on but by far this is the best! I think this one has to be my favorite on the CD. Next up (T5) Space Helmut the title track. It seems to loose a bit of energy here. Maybe this is because the BPM is slower? Or Maybe because it was co-written with Oforia? It starts off giving you the illusion itís slower. But by the time its half way through the track youíre like WHOA. It all comes back, those big melodies. You can hear Oforiaís influence. (T6) Pizdata written with Paul Taylor is another highlight to me on this cd. It manages to stay dreamy. Excellent Collaboration. I hope to see more of this kind of music. (T7) Buddha Stick (Live Groove Edit) sounds really familiar. I am almost sure I have heard it before. Sure enough its on Perplexís album. I remember really liking this one on his album. This one sounds a bit different. I guess because itís the Live version. (T8) Downtown Tel Aviv Is a Dede Goa remix. This one also sounds familiar. This remix packs a lot of punch. Bringing the groove. I can just imagine myself stomping to this in the morning. (T9) Deep Impact has a really good bass line. Its different from all the others. This CD just gets groovier. Just when you thought you could get enough, you just got more. It has this haunting lead toward the end. Like the music is going to change.

Recomendation:  This is a pretty good standard full-on release. This CD seems very Dj-friendly and you could enjoy it at home for some groovin. Good job on the artwork and production.
Favorites: 1,2,4,5,7,8,9.

Review by : Jeto

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