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June 19 , 2024
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DJ Ronen Dahan, born 1974, and coming from the north of Israel. Music was always an integral part of his life. When he was young he was part of a local rock band as a leading singer and guitar player.

In the early 90s he discovers trance, and in 1994 he takes his first trip to India, where he realized that trance music is not just electronic music but an actual way of life. Inspired by his trip, Ronen returns home and starts DJing. In 1995 he hops to London and later that year he returns, filled with energies, to Goa, this time as a DJ and plays weekly at the shore bar and parties everywhere. Good vibes with his Aussie mates leads him to Bayron bay. During his stay there he played at a local radio station, Bay FM (managed by Luke & Richie), and at parties all over Bayron excessively, played at the Tuna bar party at new years 97 and all over the hills of bayron. At that point he realized that it is time to create his own music and began writing with his friend Peter in Melbourne. Later that year he returns home to Israel and began to fulfill the dream of an original Perplex album. During all that time he plays excessively in nature parties all over Israel.

Since then he released already four albums: Trance Elegant (Trancelucent), Plexus- Luminus vs. Perplex (Trancelucent), and Dynamic (MDMA) & Off Beat (Com.pact).

He also released on compilations: Perplex- Perplex (IPT3), Perplex- Trance Elegant (Voyage into Trance vol. 5- MDMA), Reverse Psychology & Perplex- Trance Movement (Oren Barkan- Electronic Love), Reverse Psychology & Perplex- Mission Possible (Oren Barkan- Electronic Love), Illumination & Perplex- Real Magic (Israliens 3), Plexus- Supreme Being (Lightbeams), BBC2002 (BPM), Perplex- Empty Hand (Empty Hand), Perplex- White Widow (Interact, Goa 3), Perplex- Fluffy Clowns (Fata Morgana), Visual Paradox vs. Perplex- Ice Glass (Cosmopolite), PerPlex vs. Intergalactic- Elevation (Pneumatic Angels), Perplex- Science (Pneumatic Angels), Perplex- Rio (BPM2).

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