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February 25 , 2024
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Spiritual Moves

 ( Planet Music / MDMA ,  Jul. 1999 )

1. Indica feat. R.G. & Blue- 1960 7:28 2. Tim Shuldt- The Next 8:39 3. Xerox & Freeman- Are We Happy? 8:36 4. Freemen- Bull's Eyes 7:58 5. Cosmic Navigators- The First Tour 8:54 6. Tarsis & DJ Kaya- Sinergy Thrill 7:54 7. Luminus- Silicosis (rmx) 7:02 8. One Man Game- Mystic Morning 7:07

This is a collection of already released tracks- it's a compilation of compilations that came out as a result of a cooperation between MDMA (who contributed half of the Future Navigators CD) and Planet Music (who contributed 4 tracks from their various releases). All and all, this is a good collection of massive strong morning tunes, and if you don't have most of them already then it is a very good investment.
Four tracks here are from Future Navigators:
Tim Shuldt's The Next (T2) is a great track, and already a proved party hit, an oriental melody accompanying a grinding beat- fullpower!
Are We Happy? (T3) is another well built stormer from Xerox & Freeman. This duo is doing their thing with hard driven bass lines and rock guitars, and the anticipated massive build up that keeps working. A Very massive and intense track. Must say though, that this formula needs refreshing.
Cosmic Navigators' The First Tour (T5)- this is a special team up between Itzik Benisty (Sonichaos, Maskalin) and DJ Dede, very fat basslines, atmospheric pads- a very emotional full on track with relentless grinding guitar like lines- my favorite here. And finally, Sinergy Thrill (T6) from Tarsis & DJ Kaya- a melodic track with nice psychedelica and a real happy atmosphere.
Planet music contributed the following:
1960 (T1) from Eliad Grundland (Indica) and Alon Bloch (R.G. & Blue, former Per Plex), is a nice full on track, very monotonic, with nice guitar lines in the middle. Nothing special, but cute. Bull's Eye was released on Trance Generations, a groovy track with scratched guitar riff and massive build-up, ending with a big climax.
Track 7, Limunus' Silicosis appeared originally on Virtual Trance, here there's a remix, it is a very fast morning track and full of twisted sounds. The CD ends with One Man Game (Mystica) with a happy light morning track from their album Total Trance.

Recomendation:  This is probably a compilation made for extra money, but that's ok, record companies are aloud to try and make money. It is a good collection of full on track, and if you don't already have them you can really enjoy this CD.

Favorite tracks:2, 3, 4, 5(!).

Review by : Shahar

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