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February 25 , 2024
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Trance Generations

 ( Planet Music ,  1998 )

1. Freemen- Bull's Eye 8:00 2. Atomic Lens- The Flair 8:03 3. Todra feat. DJ Shay- Morrison 7:52 4. Luminus- T.M.O. 7:09 5. Cybel- Inspector Gadget 8:20 6. Todra- Alien Landing 7:54 7. Todra- Spiritual Ceremony 8:45 8. Oforia feat. DJ Cosmix- The Vision 9:14

This CD, compiled by DJ Michel is one of the wildest things to enter my stereo in the last year. It is best described as Fast and Furious with a twist, meaning there is more to it then just boom, boom, boom, boom… Its very fast, energetic to the max and quite exhausting, but with the right amount of melody, attention to details and uniqueness to differ this compilation from the rest.
It kicks off with Freeman's Bull's Eye (T1), a most groovy track that sets the trend for the rest of the disc- a roller coaster. The scratched guitar riff and massive build-ups, ending with a climax of twirls is a hint of things to come.
The Flair by Atomic Lens (T2) is a relentless piece of music, sounding like a build up from top till bottom- ups and downs in succession with machine gun drums and melodies ranging from mellow to yellow in a matter of seconds. Woooffffff!
T3, Morisson by Todra (feat. DJ Shay) is a darker, more atmospheric piece, not making things easy on the listener due to the disturbing samplings, but it's a stompingly quick brain shocker. T.M.O by Luminus (T4) is another scratcher, but this time its spaceier and well put together. The build up half way through is just the thing you need to lift your spirits and prepares you for T5- Inspector Gadget by Cybel. What can I say on a track which is on my all time top ten list? Not much I guess, listen and find out for your self. Alien Landing and Spiritual Ceremony by Todra (T's 6 and 7) are out of this world with the wildest build ups, warp nine speed and energy to fire up a rocket. These are very groovy tracks with melodies to match. Space tech in its finest.
The ride ends with The Vision by Oforia feat. DJ Cosmix (T8), an ethnic piece of trance that brings you to a gentle stop. This massive track would be the centerpiece of any other compilation, here it sounds almost chill out- Just what you need at the end of an exhausting day.

Recomendation:  The whole compilation has a very albumish feel to it- the sounds, melodies and grooves have a sort of common back ground which makes a very fluid flow from track to track and the listening more enjoyable. Due to the 'over the top' beats and tempo, this is not an easy CD to get used to. It is not for the weak hearted or the easy to faint crowd, but once you get used to the groove, the bumps and the grinds (something that happens very quickly), you keep getting on this ride time and time again.

Review by : GuyShanti

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