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April 21 , 2024
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 ( HOMmega / BNE ,  Nov. 2002 )

CD1 Yoyo 1. Infected Mushroom- Bust A Move 8:19 2. Space Cat- Snorkle Blaster 9:16 3. Oforia- Raw 8:18 4. Cat on Mushroom- The Fly 7:40 5. Dark Soho- Depth of Emotion 7:13 6. Future Prophecy- Keep the Frequency 7:16 7. Emuna- Missing Bush 6:25 8. Cosma- Find Out 10:17 9. Violet Vision- Substance 44 8:12 CD 2 Hommega 1. Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Optical Vibes 7:01 2. Xerox- Gravity Waves ( Infected Mushroom rmx) 7:58 3. PsySex- Bionic Bong 2001 9:58 4. Hujaboy- Nemesis 7:29 5. PsyCraft- Dream On 8:11 6. Green House Effect- End of the World remix 7:51 7. Xerox feat. Passenger - Science is God 7:50 8. Yahel & I.Zen - For the People 7:46 9. BLT- BLT 7:53 10. Yahel- Intelligent Life (video mix) 5:48

BNE & Hommega under the combined leadership of the famed Mr. Yankovich present us a combined best of... 2CD compilation full of kick ass tracks from the last few years from two of the most established Israeli labels with some of the most established artists around. The outcome is a fun to listen to compilation with killer tracks that tickle the nerves that were already burned during the last few years. Most of the tracks are fun to go back to and are arranged very well together. Of course there are some picks I would do differently, but that's always like that in these kind of compilations.

The first CD is from Yoyo (the official name of BNE's electronic music sub-label)- Infected Mushroom, Space Cat, Oforia, Cosma, Dark Soho- the names talk for themselves. Most of these tracks aged well, standouts are still Bust A Move (T1), The Fly (T4), Depth of Emotion (T5), Keep the Frequency (T6) and of course the killer atmospheric Find Out (T8). Violet Vision end things beautifully in their twisted chill way.
The second Hommega CD doesn't leg behind with Astrix & Atomic Pulse, Xerox, more Infected, PsySex, PsyCraft, BLT and the rest. Still do it to me are the killer Optical Vibes (T1), Nemesis (T4), Dream On (T5), End of the World of course, though I still prefer the original Sandman tune, Science is God (T7) & For the People (T8). BLT's BLT from Presence, is one of my favorite BLT tracks, but Golden Slumbers would have been much more in place in here.

Recomendation:  If you like trance music this is a good one to have. If you already know these tracks and danced to them in parties, this will make you smile. If not, most of these are musts in the history department. And it's mostly damn good music as well...

Review by : Shahar

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