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February 28 , 2021
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Star Dust- compiled by DJ F-Rat

 ( Moonstone ,  Jan. 2005 )

1. Noga- Moksha Mania 8:27 2. Blackout- Black Energy 8:33 3. Dooper Doopler- Here it Comes 7:20 4. Mahamudra- Mental Ethnic 9:12 5. Tactic Mind- Troy 7:04 6. Visual Contact- Naughty Boy 6:34 7. Tripteaser- Heart Brain & Soul 7:46 8. Freakulizer- Summer's Almost Gone 6:46 9. Electro Sun & Brain Damage- Hypnotic Voices 7:36

Moonstone records is a new label founded by DJ F-Rat of Compact records. This is the label's first release and it features a very expected line up made from Compact and Trancelucent artists, together with some new names.

Noga opens the compilation with Moksha Mania. A bit more melodic and less on the atmospheric side than Noga's usual style. Nice track but not something revolutionary. Blackout turns the mood into hard night music. Could be produced a bit better though. Dooper Doopler continues the atmosphere but this time adds some dreamy dark melodies and unique percussion work. Mahamudra is a new name, and Metal Ethnic is their track. This track has potential but if more work would have been invested, it could have been much better. Some parts really sound like unfinished drafts. Halfway through and the fifth track is Troy by Tactic Mind- a collaboration between Ultravoice and Kyo-Log. Not really their usual style, this is less melodic than their usual style- probably the reason for the new project name. Lots of technical parts, kick & bass games and groovy sounds. Naughty Boy is yet another collaboration of Didi Ezra from Bizzare Contact with Bog of Visual Paradox. This one takes the style of the previous track- weird sounds all around and innovative structure experiments. Tripteaser- Heart Brain & Soul is where this compilation gets real good. This track is combining the hard style of the previous tracks with morning sounds, and it does that in style. Freakulizer (aka DJ Thujon)- Summer's Almost Gone is one of the best tracks here. He is combining a powerful beat and layered melodic lines to create a magnificent track. Electro Sun joins Brain Damage to create the usual morning uplifting track for the finish. This track has a very dreamy atmosphere and emotional melodies, just what this duo is best at.

Recomendation:  Overall a nice debut for Moonstone records. DJ F-Rat tried to tell a story in the compilation which is a good thing- most compilations today are just collections with not much thought behind it. Track selection could have been a bit better with more mature artists, or at least sounding like mature artists. The real highlights are the last three tracks which are absolutely excellent.

Favorite tracks:3, 7, 8(!), 9(!)

Review by : Mike A.

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