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February 28 , 2020
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System Nipel - Beyond Music

 ( Trancelucent ,  Nov. 2008 )

1. System Nipel- Falling Up 7:25 2. System Nipel vs. Cosmic Tone- Shinkansen 7:36 3. System Nipel- Hello Sunshine 7:00 4. System Nipel- Fly System 7:02 5. System Nipel- Be Free 7:53 6. System Nipel- Chelle Belle 7:52 7. System Nipel- Unexpected Error 7:20 8. System Nipel- Loading 8:03 9. Vibe Tribe vs. Spade- Super Natural (System Nipel Remix) 8:04 10. System Nipel vs. Toxical- E-Nigma 8:00

After their successful first album in 2006, also released on Trancelucent Productions, the wait has been for some new stuff from these guys. The new album finally arrived in November 2008. Good music doesnít have to be concerned with time, and good music this is. As far as melodic full on psytrance goes, Iíve had the pleasure of reviewing some great albums like the new Aquatica, Vibe Tribe, Talamasca, Aquila and Twilight to name but a few. But this one takes the cake. Itís tight, packed with wobbling basslines, uplifting melodies and a general real full on feeling. It was certainly worth the wait for almost two years. The album starts off with the excellent Falling Up, which has a certain commercial trance flair about it, but just enough to remain in the psytrance category. Female vocal samples and a really nice melody set the tone for what is going to be a great ride on melodic full on psytrance waves. System Nipel teams up with Cosmic Tone for Shinkansen, another tight track. After that itís System Nipel from tracks 3 to 8 delivering their special brand of melodic uplifting stuff again. It's not easy to put those tracks into words. Hello Sunshine (T3) is a great example of what I mean. It starts off simple enough, sounding like regular full on which can be found on any number of compilations these days. But then the break comes in and a big time melody starts which immediately gives me goosebumps. And weíre off again, the bassline goes on but the melody continues. This is something a lot of producers forget these days. They give you a great melody, but donít follow it through with the beat. A shame, since these guys prove that it can be really good. To make a long story short, this album has quality in droves. I loved every minute of it, and there is a lot to love with over 76 minutes. The cover artwork is great too, being transparent and really trippy, harking back to old days like that special edition of Distance to Goa 4 from Distance Records. Remember that one? Great stuff. Mastering is also top notch. Itís just great all around. No matter this is from 2008, this is one of the best melodic psytrance albums released since a long time.

Recomendation:  Get this. Itís that simple.

Review by : Acidhive

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