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March 1 , 2021
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 ( Utopia ,  Jul. 2004 )

1. Audiotec- Tantra 147bpm 7:43 2. Ultravoice- Psyde 145bpm 7:44 3. Perplex- Cultures 145bpm 6:23 4. Sixsense- Tropical Magic 147bpm 7:25 5. Vibe Tribe- Albert Balbert 146bpm 7:09 6. Silent Scream- Twister 148bpm 7:57 7. Ananda Shake- Dream Drop 145bpm 7:56 8. Elec 3 vs. Toxic Toy- New Possibilities 145bpm 7:15 9. Chemical Drive- Pause 145bpm 8:50

When I got this CD I was really looking forward to listen to it, since Pure Imagination (their previous compilation) sounded really nice and promising. I put the CD the player and listened. And listened again, and again and again.

The party starts with Audiotec's Tantra. This was my first disappointment in this compilation. Tantra sounds very amateur, like 2 hours were invested in making it. I have heard much better from Audiotec in the past- too bad he has to ruin it. Track number 2, and disappointment number 2 is Ultravoice with Psyde. First of all, what happened to Ultravoice's unique style? What I hear can be labeled as Psydrop or Protoculture or something in that style- it's just that they do it much better. Boring track, melodic-fullon-wannabe. Perplex was yet another disappointment. Although it was better, and it had some really nice parts, such as the middle which is amazing, the rest doesn't stand up to today's standards. What happened to the bass? Somebody decided to remove it with EQ? Tropical Magic by Sixsense saves the day. Production level isn't that high, but at least there is some music in here. And the music is very good- emotional, flowing and definitely deserves the title Tropical Magic. Track number 5 is Albert Balbert by Vibe Tribe. It may sound similar to American Pussy (their previous track released) since it uses the same sounds- but on a few listens you can hear the truth. This track is much more emotional than their other tracks, much more emotional than 99% tracks released nowadays and probably the most emotional track I have heard lately, excluding some old Goa tracks. Vibe Tribe know how to put feelings in their music and this one is an excellent example of how it's done. 10 years from now- this is going to be a classic. Track number 6 is Twister by Silent Scream. A first release by this young duo, and a bit too early in my opinion. Great melodies, great structure, but lacking some things. Still a very catchy one. Ananda Shake with Dream Drop comes in place number 7. When I hear this track I got one word in my mind- Goa, but this time it's well produced. Good work Ananda Shake- you're bringing back the old vibe! Elec3 meets Toxic Toy for track 8 - New Possibilities. Not much to say here, a well produced track, very enjoyable. Another favorite. Chemical Drive puts the pause to the CD with Pause. Good track- great finish to the album.

Recomendation:  Some tracks are quite amazing while others far from that. If Utopia Records want to become a real top label, they should filter out tracks which are not good enough. Nonetheless, this compilation is worth for the good tracks, and will provide hours of joy to the listeners.

Favorite tracks:4, 5(!!), 7(!), 8, 9.

Review by : Mike A

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