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March 4 , 2024
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Trance Mix 9

 ( Melodia ,  Aug. 1998 )

1. Power Source- Vorlan 9:44 2. Red Headed- Psycho Train 9:15 3. Indica- Hunted Hunters 7:06 4. Power Source- Granada (remix-98) 8:55 5. Children of the Doc- Police 106 9:45 6. Freeman vs. Liquid Metal- Tour de Trance 7:54 7. Digital Sun & DJ Kaya- Walls of Mistery 7:51 8. Comet- Illuminated (Ofer Dikovsky) 8:16

This is the 10th CD in the Trance Mix series, and not the best. There are two Power Source tracks- Track 1 has a nice oriental melody but doesn’t really build up to anything. Track 4 is a bit more powerful, but again loses the energy somewhere on the way, very California Sunshine like melodies (Shahaf Shvarzman appears on a few tracks on Imperia). Both Power Source tracks are definitely too long- sometimes things sound nice when you say them shortly but lose it when you go about it too long. Track 2 features Shahaf Shvarzman again, with Israel Fichman, who also compiled and produced this CD. It is a nice morning track with a nice and powerful, yet not cheesy, melody. Eliad Grundland (Indica) surprised me with ‘Hunted Hunters’, a great track that shows that it is possible to make complex morning music. He works nicely with the melodies and rhythms- beautiful track, although it took a few listens to get into it. Children of the Doc have a nice track, but it’s nothing special and a bit of a disappointment after the amazing ‘Welcome Friends’ in Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol. III. The Freeman vs. Liquid Metal track (Doron Kosovski & Roman Reznik) stands out as the best track here, much better than ‘Liquid Noise’, the one they have on Matsuri's Forever Psychedelic. This is a tour, a tour for your mind, a beautiful, driving (up and down), very psychedelic track with a lot of layers of music that you want to hear at every party at about 3-4 am. Track 7 is a non-Israeli track from Digital Sun (Linus Wessel/Sebastian Kruger) & DJ Kaya (Jurgen Kunkel), as its name suggests it has a lot of sampling of spooky noises, which, I must say, sound a bit stupid to me. The track also has the almost traditional German guitar lines, and is full of energy and very happy at the end. And Ofer Dikovsky, well, he's driving us nuts with all these different names. This time it’s Comet, and this stuff is real heavy night music and you won’t find any melodies here. Ofer is Ofer and this is great stuff as usual.

Recomendation:  O.K., Some great tracks: 3, 6, 8. Some disappointing: 1, 4, 5. But still I'm glad to have this in my collection, it is very diverse, which is good in it self, and the great tracks, are great enough to make it worth buying.

Favorite tracks:3, 6, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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