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February 28 , 2021
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TripOut: Psychotropic Creations

 ( Starchild Records ,  1998 )

1. Hyperion- Sun Flower 9:03 2. Brain Forest- Concept in Tribal 7:27 3. Andorphia- Toasted Mushroom 7:35 4. Shidapu- Vertigoa (remix) 6:14 5. Hyperion- Tribal Encore 6:17 6. Shidapu- Prince of the Dolls 8:13 7. Shidapu- Dream Catcher 6:36 8. Sofus- Presence (I sense something remix) 6:51 9. Aurax- Control My Destiny 10:51

An American label but the essence of Israeli Goa sound. It is being marketed in Israel as ďthe new ShidapuĒ, which it isnít. But, maybe it shows what shidapu could have been if the guys didnít go their own separate ways. I believe that although this came out in í98 it is probably stuff from í97, or at least thatís how it sounds. It is basically a Miki Litvak project and he is involved in all the tracks but the Brain Forest one, and I wonít be surprised if he also compiled this CD, although it doesnít say so. And for the music- Israeli Goa sound at its best!!! Very morning, very uplifting and full on. The Hyperion track starts the hard work, a nice intro and straight to dancing mode (hard to connect this to Ido Ophir/Miki Litvak new stuff as Domestic). Very driving track with catchy psychedelic tunes. Tribal Encore is just another track. The Brain Forest (Amir Dvir from Luminus & Roy Sasson from Shidapu) track is a classic marching track. Andorphiaís track (Miki with Bart Knol) is very fast and powerful with sneaking psychedelic Sci-Fi sounds and powerful entrances of drums and intense melodies.
And we have Shidapu with 3 tracks, two of them just amazing and a must in every trance listener collection. There is a remix of the amazing Vertigoa (from Israelís Psychedelic Trance, vol. 2 or Goa Mix), the most powerful track on this CD, and one of the most powerful ever. Let me say it like that: if you hear this and you donít start jumping around, youíre not a trance person. Prince of the Dolls is in my opinion a work of a genius brain, itís trance in toy land. Just close your eyes, lay down and use your imagination. A bit dark in some moments, but then the toys come marching and bring smiles and even laughter to your face. Dream Catcher is Miki solo, another good track much darker and slower and gives a clue of the future of Miki Litvakís music. The Sofus track (Miki and Sofus Mortensen) is mellower and starts to bring thing down a bit, but beware there is a powerful drum entrance in the middle. The Aurax track (Miki with Asaf Shanberg) is very technoish in sound, nice long atmosphere track to finish this CD.

Recomendation:  Just Great! The essence of the original Goa sound of Israel. Are we taking over America? Encourage Starchild records and buy this one- itís worth it.

Favorite tracks:1, 4(!), 6(!), 9.

Review by : Shahar

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