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June 19 , 2024
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It must be said that there was never really Shidapu as a group, it was just four talents that interacted with different cooperation between them, and released some great tracks in the beginning of Goa Trance in Israel under the name Shidapu.

Shidapu were Erez Eizen, Miki Litvak, Roy Sasson & Oren Kislev. It all started in 1994-1995 as a group of kids from different parts of Israel (Erez & Roy from the suburbs of Haifa, Miki from Tel-Aviv area and Oren from Zikhron Ya'akov) met through the modem. They were aged 15-17, working with Impulse Tracker, they started writing music on the computer, exchanging tracks and sounds.

In mid-1995 Miki and Oren formed a PC-music group called tRiP, which featured trance, ambient, house and other electronic music in formats like S3M, IT, XM, MDL. In the end of 1995 Erez joined the group and later brought Roy with him (beginning of '96).

Without seeing each other for 6 months they created a lot of tracks. Later, with the help of DJ Liran they got into the trance scene and their tracks started to spread around in parties in Israel, becoming big hits: Astral Child, Vertigo and more. Roy pushed towards signing to a label and after an unsuccessful experience with DJ Eyal Barkan, the group met Avi Nissim (Astral Projection) who liked some of their tracks. The guys chose the name Shidapu for the band, as they liked the mystic sense of it. Actually it is originated from Sidpao- the Tibetan astrological map. They released 2 tracks on Trust in Trance's Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 1: Paradise and Stay Strong, and Vertigo on Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 2. During all that time Shidapu had a lot of live shows all over Israel. More of Shidapu tracks can be found on the TripOut compilation out on Starchild Records (basically Miki's project) and The Light of Shidapu out on Shiva Space Technology (basically Erez's project).
Shidapu tracks were also released on other compilation among them:
Ptzatzot (Kajoonk), Over the Sunrise (BNE) & Karahana 2. Recently Erez released a new track under the name Shidapu in The Digital Dance of Shiva.
Today Miki is in the Israeli army, trying to keep in touch with the music and write some, as much as he can (he released some stuff with Ido Ophir as Domestic). Erez has worked with Jorg and they released 2 CDs as Shiva Sidpao, and with Duvdev as Infected mushroom. Erez & Duvdev also released some tracks as Shidapu & Duvdev on Ptzatzot, Ptzatzot 2, Boom Bolenat (MDMA). Roy has released a few tracks (as Brain Forest) but he and Oren are no longer making trance music.

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