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July 14 , 2024
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Trust In Trance 2

 ( Outmosphere / Phonokol ,  1996 )

1. Astral Projection- Mahadeva (96 Remix) 2. Astral Projection- Power Generator 3. Aban Don- State of Mind 4. Aban Don- Voodoo Experience 5. Mantra- Arrival 6. Astral Projection- In-Novation 7. SFX- Hypnotica 8. SFX- Butterfly Trip 9. SFX- Celestial Groove

Trust In Trance 2 is the second CD from the TIT series, and basically the first Astral Projection CD. Basically this is the Astral Projection members- Lior Perlmutter, Avi Nissim & Yaniv Haviv (who left the band since) working under different names and combinations. Some of the tracks on this record are real classics, while others are just filler tracks. Still, this is a very nostalgic CD. The AP style is still developing in this album: You can hear some technoish sounds and more minimal tracks together with very lush and full of sound melodies.

The album begins with Mahadeva, probably the most famous track by Astral Projection. The track opens with beautiful strings and that famous "Mahadeva" sample, followed by the "Aum Namah Shivaya" sample and the track just kicks in with a fast beat. Classic Goa melodies and buildups, lovely strings and killer acidic synth lines. The next track is Power Gen. In my opinion, the best track AP ever made. It starts a bit boring but gets full on really quickly. The drumbeat develops slowly, hi-hat over hi-hat. After the drumbeats are here, together with the occasional snare drum, the rich AP sounds develops slowly. Breaks that come just in place, high resonating sounds that make you shiver. After the tension is high comes a big break with a spacey sound, just to be followed with another buildup and a sound full of energies. I just love those high resonating voices, it sounds like it's going to explode! Aban Don- State Of Mind is the third track. It starts really weird, I mean bizarre... The track sounds a bit like nitzhonot or house, but then suddenly it gets a sharp turn around 4:25. There is a break followed by a Goaish melody and an electric guitar. Punchy bassline and arpeggios. Voodoo experience (T4) is a more minimal repetitive track with some very psychedelic sounds. It has a very groovy drumbeat, but it gets boring since it doesn't develop anywhere and just stays the same (almost) for 6 minutes. The next track, Mantra- Arrival (T5), is one of the best here. It opens with a sweeping melody and a very beautiful flute like sound - like a "shofar" ( a traditional Jewish deer horn). It has those tribal drums, very nice. The bassline really fits the melodies and the hi-hat game. It gets a little too repetitive and boring near the end but the flute-like sound comes and saves the day, along with some screaming sounds! After Mantra we have another track under the name Astral Projection (although it was made by the same people) - In-novation. It has some nice sounds like the twinkling voice but it doesn't sound ętoo innovative for me. It has the same sounds like the two Aban Don tracks before, just that the style is more happy (morning style like some people say). Again it has some high resonating screaming sounds that makes you smile. The next 3 tracks are all under SFX. Hypnotica (T7) has a low bass sound and a deep kick drum. It has melodies in an oriental/Arab style, and a nice hi-hat sequence. The snare drumming is like a marsh beat. I like those spacey sounds going left and right, right and left in the earphones. The energy sweep mix to Butterfly Trip (T8) is definitely energetic! Starts with an open hi-hat and raising kick drums, and a slowly building bassline. It has those trippy melodies and flowing, lush synth lines. It kind of reminds me MWNN, dunno why... Surely one of the best tracks on this album. The ending track is also the longest one. SFX- Celestial Groove is a relaxing track, California Sunshine style. Good one to close the album with. No doubt about it, this track is celestial. Nice transpositions on the bassline, tribal drumming and a groove. Beautiful melodies that bring tears to your eyes, a burst of nostalgia.

Recomendation:  This CD was a big hit back then when in was released in 1994, and it is a very good one. It combines many styles from repetitive minimal to full on, classic Goa at it's best. Some people may think it's outdated but some of the tracks sound good even today.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3, 6(!), 8.

Review by : Mike A.

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