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February 25 , 2024
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Luminus - Hypnotica

 ( HOMmega ,  Jan. 2000 )

1. "Intro-Active" 2:17 2. Hypnotica 8:05 140bpm 3. Anything Can Happen 8:55 145bpm 4. Total Consciousness 7:05 144bpm 5. End of Space 7:06 150bpm 6. Sub-Sonic System 7:53 147bpm 7. Diablo 7:44 140bpm 8. The Test 7:38 146bpm 9. One Step to the Moon 6:42 142bpm

I think this CD is a phase change for Luminus- Amir Dvir. This young artist, who's been making trance for a long time now, has matured, and with the right atmosphere and guidance supplied by Hommega, is starting to manifest his talent. You could already feel this change, at least in the quality of production and selection, in his previous CD- Journey into Your Dreams, and it is felt here much more. This change will probably be completed in his next CD, which promises (so it says on the cover) to be under a new name and with a new style.

A spooky dripping intro opens the CD, sliding into the title track, Hypnotica (T2)- hypnotic it is, a spacey light atmosphere track, with simple emotional melodic lines, old Goa style, and a nice opener for the CD. Anything can happen (T3), goes full on right from the start, the heavy hand of Guy Zurkel (Passenger, MFG) is easily felt on the bass and production. This is a nice powerful tune that will work every morning in a party, the break is there and so is the powerful entrance- but MFG did this stuff long time ago already. Follows Total Consciousness (T4) with DJ Miko (California Sunshine), starting fullpower, boomts boomts, a lot of squeaking, massive grinding bass and nice sneaky melodic games. A real relentless full on track topped in the end by the inevitable melody. End of Space (T5) is a fast yet airy track, starting in the old Goa spirit, and after the break with the nice sample, turning into a hectic folk dance, surrounded with atmospheric sounds. Sub Sonic System (T6) with Mental Orange is a real massive piece, my favorite track here. A dark spooky track with electrical whips flying, scratching zippers, a lot of breaks and surprises and mainly, a very strong drive.

Diablo (T7), was previously released on The Digital Dance of Shiva, and marked the new and different direction Amir is going in. It begins as a beautiful dark scratchy night track, a lot of brain scratching sounds and squeaks, rolling thunder bassline, dark sounds and full power marching beat. Then the track takes a break in the middle, moving you to a building groovy tune that you just gotta love. A great track for any time of the party. The Test (T8) is a monotonous track illustrated with uplifting old Luminus style victorious melodies. The mixing hand of Xerox is felt in the quality department. One Step to the Moon (T9), ends the CD with massive opening sounds topped by hypnotic old Goa spirit sounds. The beat just keeps your head going up and down, and the flying sounds take it all around. The powerful semi-oriental melody arrives of course but with good taste. Another Luminus classic morning anthem. That "one small step for men.." sample is definitely overused, though.

Recomendation:  As I said, I think this CD in an "in-between" CD. It still has the old simple and happy Luminus style, but also brings some new and interesting sounds and stories. All and all it's a diverse CD and fun to listen to.

Favorite tracks:2, 4, 6, 7.

Review by : Shahar

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