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June 27 , 2019
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Urban Legends - Compiled by Slater & Schwa

 ( Tribal Vision ,  Dec. 2004 )

1. Rai - Groove 2. Emok - Old Speckled Hen 3. BLT vs Elysium Project - Subway 4. Vibrasphere - Infusion (Vibrasphere remix) 5. Parrket - Skeletonised 6. POTS - Polish Lips 7. Meller - Valhalla 8. Echotek - Skykorg Key 9. Human Blue - Motionrun 10. Parrket - Sventevith

You get this CD and put it in the sound system, then you go wow. Really, the CD starts great and continues great except for some minor mishaps It is as if the CD is cut into two parts, the first is awesome, the second is good, but not as good as the first. We start with RAI Ė Groove (T1), which fits the name and is really groovy and funky. It is very loveable and smiley and really starts this CD with a great vibe. Then Emok comes with Old Speckled Hen (T2), which is another great track. It clearly reminds some Phony Orphants tracks, at least to me it did. It is evolving and energetic with good sounds and production, which is no surprise, but still should be mentioned. It looks like BLT was influenced a little from Danny Makov, working with him on his last CD, and we get lots of percussions here in Subway (T3). I admit that at first I raised an eyebrow seeing a joined venture of these two artists, BLT and Elysium Project, but the outcome is quite impressive. Very nice sounds and melodies combined together here to something that made me dance at home. Vibrasphere (T4) give us something a little more minimal here, slowly progressing. The build up is good and it creates a lot of tension, but the tension wasnít satisfied. It kept progressing until it just stopped, without a big bang, not that Iím complaining. The next one here, Skeletonised (T5), is one of my least favorite tracks here. It is bumpy, jumpy, with some repetitive round sounds and feels a little bodiless, as if something it missing there. POTS bring us Polish Lips (T6) which is a very nice track, very energetic with nice sound tweaks. It is nightish and fast with a speed and a fat, round, shallow bass. Meller brings us Valhalla (T7), a fast, strong track, with full onish motives, a track with a nice mixture of sounds, instruments and effects. Some tribal sounds, high flutes and lots of percussions. Very energetic and danceable. Somewhat unfitting the name, I think, as Valhalla is god Odinís palace where the souls of the fallen heroes go to, nothing in the track that I see related to it. Echotek with Skykorg Key (T8) is next, with a fast track that hits you and sounds too full on for this compilation. The kick is too fast for me and there is a sort of dissonance between the baseline and the sample added. Kind of boring and empty track for me. Human Blue put us back on track again for a while with Motionrun (T9), with a fast, fat kick that starts the track. Psychedelic sounds follow and the track becomes swift and energetic, very danceable, very enjoyable. Our last track, the second by Parrket on this compilation, Sventevith (T10) is a nice track to end a compilation. It has more ambiance, a more flowing feeling, a slow rise and a slow flow. Very melodic, though Iím sure some people will find the main baseline, the squeaky stuff, a little annoying.

Recomendation:  All in all, this is a great compilation, a great debut from this new label from Prague. Most tracks here are better than good and quite entertaining, so that even the lesser ones donít ruin it. As Iíve said before, it is as if the compilation has two parts, both good, but the first one is better.

Favorite tracks:1,2,3,9

Review by : karnaf

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