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February 24 , 2024
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Violet Vision - Your Voice CDS

 ( BNE ,  Jun. 2003 )

1. Violet Vision- Your Voice 6:47 2. Violet Vision- Your Voice (Mo Shic remix) 10:45 3. Violet Vision- Pale Void (edit) 4:39

Violet Vision with a new single, a taste of the upcoming album- Unfold. This time they innovate and explore new areas, concentrating on breakbeats, vocals and search of new sounds.

Your Voice starts with some electric sounds and quickly evolves into a groovy breakbeat. As we progress in the track it gains a melodic aspect and the drumming becomes more powerful. A break and the vocalist- Noa Lembersky- starts singing. "Your voice, touches of insanity..." the lyrics go. Great voice indeed. It is accompanied by Violet Vision's breakbeats and sound games, filled with creativity.
Mo Shic is a very successful deep trance and house artist, with already one album released (Distorted Patterns in Helicon). He gives another perspective to the track. This time a bit more housey and clubby, and most of all progressive. Slowly evolving parts, some breakbeats and some standard 4/4 parts. The vocals are echoing in the background until the break and then they arrive, towards the end. Great piece of music, which resembles a more European style than Israeli style. The last track in the single is an edit to Pale Void, this time with another vocalist, Kfir Basson. It starts with drumming and then the music comes right away. This time it's less "ambient" style, but more like a song. Guitars and drums are a vital part of this track. Nonetheless, an electronic touch is still felt in here.

Recomendation:  This is not trance nor the usual psychedelic chill-out. Violet Vision are exploring new areas, and do it successfully. My favorite is definitely the Mo Shic remix of Your Voice.

Review by : Mike A

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