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February 25 , 2024
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Vox Draconis compiled by DJ F-Rat

 ( Moonstone ,  Jul. 2005 )

1. Blackout- Lemon Strike 7:12 2. Nasa- Ultrasved rmx 7:35 3. Sesto Sento- Sentomental (BLT rmx) 8:03 4. Dooper Doopler- Survival 7:12 5. Freakulizer- Identity 6:50 6. Hoogshangenii- I Want It Now 8:01 7. Jerermy- First Steps 6:31 8. Mahamudra- Even 7:59 9. Paradigma- Progspacive 6:44

Vox Draconis is the second release from Moonstone Records, following their debut Star Dust. DJ F-Rat compiled 9 tracks, composed mostly of Com.pact artists (her other label).

First track is Blackout - Lemon Strike. This track is a whole lot better than their previous track released. Less technoish this time, they make some sort of a slow-relaxed-morning-night thingy. Nasa remixes Ultrasved for the next position on the compilation (T2). The groovy bass is the first thing you notice in this track, soon to be followed by happy trippy melodic lines. BLT keeps on grooving with his remix to Sesto Sento's Sentomental. Quite minimal compared to the original, maybe a bit too much at times. Still, it does the work. Dooper Doopler puts a stop to the minimal fest,(T4) although this track is not as energetic as his other pieces. Simon Schwendener aka Thujon aka Freakulizer composes the fifth track in this compilation - Identity. The sound is a welcome change, after the previous tracks sounding more or less the same. Faster and heavier, and very enjoyable. I've heard tracks from him before, and he is something to watch out for. I wonder what Hoogshagenii means, and what is it that he wants. Track 6 starts with probably the worst sample ever used in trance history. The first 2 minutes aren't that brilliant as well, but as the track progresses you learn to like it. Psychedelic, trippy, demented and twisted piece of music which is quite interesting as a change from everything else. Jeremy takes his First Steps which are indeed first steps (T7). Nothing special in this track - some noises here and there without much thought in my opinion. The finish is very disappointing as well. Mahamudra - Eve is the next track. Some samples of a porn movie (my guess) and a slow buildup finish this happy little prog-fullon-minimal track. Paradigma ends the compilation with Progspacive. Same style as the rest here, some attempts with innovative groove and ideas.

Recomendation:  It's hard to define this compilation. I think the best description would be "fullon artists making some sort of groove for people who are tired of 145 BPM music and want progressive-like music with a twist". Some good tracks here, some not. Overall a nice progress for Moonstone and an interesting release for the customer.
My favorites: 2, 5, 6.

Review by : Mike A.

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