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December 11 , 2018
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X-Wave - Direct-X

 ( Drugless ,  Mar. 2005 )

1. Power Source- Granada (X-Wave vs. Melicia remix) 147bpm 8:39 2. X-Wave vs. X-Box- X-Box 146bpm 7:40 3. X-Wave vs. Melicia- Fucking Rainbow 145bpm 7:35 4. X-Wave vs. Melicia- My Gang Will Get You 147bpm 7:44 5. X-Wave vs. Big A Boo vs. Synthex- Liz 147bpm 8:53 6. X-Wave vs. Sandman- People Can Dance 146bpm 8:25 7. X-Wave vs. X-Box- Not Bad 145bpm 7:23 8. X-Wave vs. Melicia- Great Ready remix 145bpm 8:10 9. X-Wave vs. Roy Sela- Babilon 142bpm 7:05

Must be honest and say that the two previous X-Wave albums didn't really get much attention from me. And this review will probably raise a few eyebrows as well. However there were two factors that made me listen to this one. First was the cover- I just had to listen to a CD released in 2005 with a cover that looked as if it was made in 1997. Second was the guest appearance by Sandman, who always gets my attention. So I listened, and listened a few more times, and here are a few comments. The opener, Granada remix, raises good nostalgic vibes, nice to hear again those old emotional Power Source melodies. Fucking Rainbow (T3) is a massive morning anthem, with well crafted break, build-up and sample use. Just the way it supposed to be. Liz (T5) is a very nice oldskool-emotion dripping tune. People Can Dance, the track with Sandman, is another nice anthem- starting with a Green House Effect effect- check those sounds in the beginning from Superfly (ISRaliens 2) - and turning into old Astral Projection sound for galaxies. Not Bad is... well... not bad- not that good either, though, funny Hora (traditional Israeli circle dance) build up melodies, good old nitzhonot style. Babylon takes us back to old moody classic Goa sounds, it touches something in me for sure, but doesn't really goes all the way. The other tracks are either the more formulaic today's' typical full on or show bad/annoying use of samples.

Recomendation:  A trip back to 1997, everything included. It does have some nice moments, and there's no doubt since the good old California Sunshine days, that Miko knows how to get people to raise their hands in the air. I had some fun. Recommended for people looking for new old sounds. Favorites: 1, 3(!), 5, 6.

Review by : Shahar.

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