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June 19 , 2024
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Shiva Shidapu / Shiva Sidpao

The group originated as Shiva Shidapu in 1996 when Jorg met Erez in Haifa, Israel. After some investigations about the name Shidapu it came out that it was a mistake caused by a bad telephone-line connection. The original name was Sidpao but the partner on the other telephone understood Shidapu. That's how this name came up. Sidpao is the Tibetan word for the astrological calendar of Tibet. And so, Erez and Jorg chose that name for their first album. The Tibetan calendar is printed on the inlay of the cover.

Erez, now 19 years old is working with music and computers since the age of eleven and is a real genius in looking for new sounds and creating exiting arrangements. Erez was a member of the legendary Shidapu group and is also a part of Infected Mushroom together with Duvdev. Jorg, a former rock freak has been a trance DJ for more then ten years and is one of the pioneers of the trance movement. Erez and Jorg started working together and produced some powerful tracks, their biggest hit being Power of Celtic (a track that was included on innumerable compilations). They released 7 tracks on a compilation CD (that contained other stuff as well) as Shiva Shidapu under Jorg's label- Shiva Space Technology. Then Erez & Jorg released another CD, an album this time, under the name Shiva Sidpao, again at SST. Their tracks were also released on numerous compilations. Lately they have 2.5 track on the new Kum Haras ambient CD from SST- the Intro + Tiwanacu, that opens the CD, and one with Amit Duvdevani as Jorg on Mushroom- a cooperation of Shiva Shidapu and Infected Mushroom- The Messenger, one of the best chill out pieces ever made. They are still working together and you can expect more stuff to come out soon.

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