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July 14 , 2024
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Kum Haras

 ( Shiva Space Technology ,  Oct. 1999 )

1. Shiva Shidapu- Intro 3.16 2. Shiva Shidapu- Tiwanacu 12.00 3. Project-N feat. DJ ShaMane- Air 8.05 4. Moksha- Morphik Labyrint 7.21 5. Jorg on Mushroom- The Messenger 12.00 6. Memeber of Wah- Hotel Sumatra 8.52 7. D.P.O.D.- Long Caravan au Soleil 16.00 8. Shawn- Nexti 9.12

Shiva Space Technology are here to chill you out! This is a voyage of mind-expanding chill out ambient freestyle electro music.
I was long waiting for this one to come out, just so I could share with others the amazing spiritual and musical experience that The Messenger (T5) gave me (and still does). This track made on a brain melting cooperation of Infected Mushroom and Shiva Shidapu (Erez Eizen, Duvdev & Jorg) is a real Journey, 12 minutes that just take you to another place, just flow with it and you won't regret it- best chill piece of all times for me. I only wish that it was longer! Shiva Shidapu also deliver here another great track- the Intro merges beautifully with the very spiritual Tiwanacu (T2), beautiful flute playing, and I love that electronic Didg-like chanting- the psychedelic edge is also present off course. There is nothing special to say about Air (T3), but it is a nice track, more trancey and definitely fits in this compilation. I was very curious to hear what will Moksha's track (T4) sound like. It is a crawling psy journey, a real nice one, but in a way I was expecting more from these guys, a more distorted trippy stuff. Still, this is a nice one. Members of Wah hand us Hotel Sumatra (T6), groovy funky ambient, very psychedelic, with an almost Pink Floyd feel to it at times- a beautiful piece, another one that is worth buying the CD for.
D.P.O.D.'s Long Caravan au Soleil (T7) is definitely long, getting lost somewhere on the way. First I didn't like it, but it is a nice track, just very out of place here- a very tribal piece in a very soft-psychedelic-trance-ambient environment. Ending the compilation is the beautiful Nexti by Shawn, very soothing and caressing track, with great melodies, tablas and darbukas. Certainly, a deserving end to this awarding musical experience.

Recomendation:  A beautiful freestyle ambient creation with some amazing spiritual tunes- Shanti times for the tranced heads. Some great mind voyages here- a must!!! The Messenger alone is worth getting this CD, actually this track makes it a crime not to have it. Hotel Sumtra is another must, in short you need to own this!

Favorite tracks:1+2 (!), 3, 4, 5(!!), 6(!), 8.

Review by : Shahar

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