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February 25 , 2024
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Fata Morgana

 ( Com.pact ,  Jul. 2002 )

1. DJ Auspexx- Ei Enaa Nena 2. Visual Paradox vs. DJ Alhad- Fresh 3. Perplex- Fluffy Clowns 4. Nasa- Ultrasved 5. Brain Bubbles- Aamupala 6. Hipersonic Whoman- Des Pudles Kern 7. Exanimo- Hal 9000 (day flight mix)6 8. Postitive- Itís Alive 9. Molecular- Undersea Paradise

A first release from new Com.pact records if not to count Acupuncture, that came out through medium. It was compiled by DJ Auspexx, a one man Israeli-Finnish trance machine, and it's much much better than his first compilation- Digital Drops. Good progressive tunes with nice airy melodic feel and good dancing drive all sewn together nicely.

Auspexx starts it himself with a real cute track, but with horrible sound and weird choice of a sample. It can pass for intro, I guess. Visual Paradox continue hosting Alhad, the Iboga man, with Fresh, another airy relaxed groovy track. Background music. Perplex gets things moving with Fluffy Clowns (T3), psychedelic, melodic, and great for the floor. Very good one. Then Nasa give a little more edge with another goodie. Ultrasved (T4) has catchy alien sounds and good groove and percussion with grabbing rhythm games. Brain Bubbles with a faster and more scratchy track, nice. Finnish Hiphersonic Whoman take a turn with a great track, moving, powerful, and loaded with vibe and feel. Probably the best here- just listen. Then Exanimo with the hypnotic Hal 9000 (day flight mix) (T7), a different version to the one on Acupuncture. I preferred the other one, I must say, but this is still a very good penetrating track. Then Positive with It's Alive (T8), funny track, funny samples, nice atmosphere, still work in the sound department. Molecular end the journey with their own distinctive sound, Undersea Paradise is an atmospheric progressive piece with beautiful melodic touches and creates exactly the picture the track name suggests.

Recomendation:  Good progressive compilation, the highlights being Perplex, Nasa & HPW. Nice for both dancing and listening to at home.

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 6(!), 7.

Review by : Shahar

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