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December 10 , 2018
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40% - Out of the Blue

 ( Kundalini ,  Nov. 2008 )

1. Dream Channel 10:16 2. Swift (2008 edit) 8:02 3. Out of the Blue 6:17 4. Super Sonic Squirting Squares 7:30 5. Reload rmx 8:09 6. Band Camp 8:14 7. Falling Knights 7:33 8. 40+60=100 8:58 9. Voyage 8:16

According to Punxsutawney Phil, we are in the midst of winter. Deep cold winter. Which is kind of weird because when I look out my windows, it is GORGEOUS out. The sun is shining. The air is warm. The energy surrounding me is vibrant and alive. This isn't winter anymore. We are into spring. Along with spring comes the freshness of spring music. The music that is fitting for outdoor events, bright sunrises, and afternoon barbecues. This is where we find ourselves with the debut album from Omri Harpaz, aka 40%.

As some of you may know, and others may not, I've been on a massive morning kick for the past while. I enjoy the happy energy and positive lead lines. I like my cheese and I like it gooey and thick. That is what 40% is. Every track on here evokes . . . wait. Damn it. I guess that damn groundhog was right. The cold rain is back. Ass. :(

Well, it was a nice thought. I suppose, in the end, I am glad that it is rainy though. The rain is quite proper for this time of year and sometimes a good standard is all you need to feel right. A good standard. The comfort of your favorite blanket. Something that you can trust. Consistent mediocrity in a time of blandness.

While Out of the Blue isn't the most thought provoking or original head spinning album to be released lately, I am quite pleased with its existence. Like the comfort of the seasons, 40% is an upbeat Israeli trance album with few surprises, but over the course of the past few weeks, I have also never turned it off. I put it on when I don't want to challenge myself, or if I want a softer full-on, almost progressive in nature. The selection of tracks on here would work well into various sets, but would never be the centerpiece of a set either. These aren't your show stoppers. But they aren't filler either. And, the album is tracked as a solid unit, with each track segueing into the other, taking the listener on a journey down memory lane. Or, at least, a memory lane built upon remembrance of comfort zones.

Recomendation:  Overall, this CD is quite wonderful for my collection and I think it might fit into yours too. It isn't the most groundbreaking release you'll hear, but do you always need that? Sometimes you just need a little remembrance of the feelings invoked by California Sunshine's Nasha or that morning you weren't really paying attention to the DJ, but enjoyed the music pumped into your tent while you put on your socks and drank some coffee, getting ready to start your day. It'll start your day off on the right side of the bed . . . like a good blanket.

Review by : Goa Constrictor

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