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June 19 , 2024
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Digital Manta

 ::  40%

40% is Omri Harpaz (born 1977), better known as DJ Omi. Omi started partying when he was very young and decided that he wants to become a DJ when he was 17. “I saw how much pleasure you can give people if you touch the right cords in their hearts”. This is his main passion, as he describes it.

He began playing in underground parties around Israel, Japan, Mexico, Kenya, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Russia and the USA.

A few years ago he decided to start making progressive trance under the name Digital Manta. He also collaborated with Yaniv Shulman, a collaboration which broadened his musical experience and improved his production skills, since they were making various types of electronic

Today, Omi makes full-on oriented music under the name 40% (named after his favorite alcoholic beverage, Vodka). He says his new mission, as 40%, is to make the crowd dance, dig and kick on the dance floor. He likes to see them fly and blast away into the sky.

However, his DJ sets are a different matter. As a DJ, he plays what he thinks is right for the specific moment in time. It can be anything since his taste in music is very diverse.

He is influenced by many types of music from hardcore heavy metal through punk, modern rock, gothic, industrial, hip-hop, and trip hop. His favorite artists are: Pantera, Metallica, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Eminem, My Dying Bride, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Dr. Dre, and many more.

He compiled “Transparent Image” for Sirius records, Japan.

Omri has also released:
Omi & BLT - if you call it, it will come (Under Construction 2)
Omi & skazi - helldll (Magnet)
Omi & Exaile - going commercial (Moonkeys)
40% vs. Skazi - smells like humos spirit (Zoo 3)
40% & Exaile - mayhem (Evolution)
40% - shut up (Transparent Image)
40% vs. Paranormal Attack – Babas Fritos (Transparent Image)
Joti vs. Paul taylor vs. 40% - schwarmageddon (Transparent Image).

AMD 2800+ 1 giga memory
Tannoy Reveal monitors
Midiman oxygen 8
And a lot of plug ins and instruments.


Web site : www.40percent.info
mail : omi@40percent.info
MSN contact : omi2omi@hotmail.com
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