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October 23 , 2018
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Ace Ventura - Rebirth

 ( Iboga Records ,  Oct. 2007 )

1. Intro 2. Serenity now 3. Psychic Experience 4. Sao Paulo 5. Stimulator 6. Presence 7. M.a.r.s. 8. The Light 9. Exposed

Unless you have been living under the rocks in some Afganistanian cave you should already be familiar with Ace Ventura and with Iboga Records. If you're not, i can only suggest you pressing pause on your Astral Projection mini discs and smell the espresso. This is Ace's debut album and he releases it after a string of pretty successful single tracks on Iboga and Echoes records to name a few. The album consists of 8 tracks and one short intro in the beginning. So what's on the menu? Serenity Now, a small homage to Seinfeld, starts with indeed a quite laidback vibe, a nice taste of what comes next but not much more than that. The 3rd track, Psychic Experience, that was written with Mr. Capo aka Liquid Soul, a core member in the Iboga family with one hit album out. In this track, their second one together they really kick off the album. This is a firm dancefloor killer with catchy sample and strong rhythm. The 4th tune named Sao Paolo is the first barbaric track in this album. It presents Ace's trademark full-on in guise of progressive sound and this tune already causing havoc everywhere it's played. Including in Petach Tikva.
Stimulator, the 5th track was co written with Dani Keinan, aka, Intelabeam. Although this track sports really cool trippy sound it fails to really deliever. Some nice moments there but unfortunatelly nothing more than that. Presence, the 6th track is another barbaric monster. Heavy pounding beats that only towards the end leave some space for a tiny, yet efficient melody. Play it till the neighbours call the police. M.A.R.S is next and it's yet another stormer, fortified with a sample from the cult Total Recall movie and some vitamin 303 to send you back to the happy 90's. You'll dig to this one without asking. The 8th track was co written with Lish and it's probably the biggest hit here and if you've been to a party lately there is no way you could've missed it. This is a long, 10 minutes epic, with some serious hands in the air melodies and rhythmic changes. Killer one. The album is closed with Exposed. It's as expected more laidback tune, can't say it stands out in any way but after the track that came before not many tracks

Recomendation:  If you love your trance gentle but pounding. Melodic but not overly cheesy and if you enjoy the Iboga sound this album is a must. I think it tops easily everything they have released this year.

Favorites: 3! 4! 6!! 7!! 8!!!

Review by : Pavel.

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