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June 4 , 2020
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Ace Ventura & Rocky - Dr. Lupo EP

 ( Echoes ,  Jul. 2009 )

1. Dr. Lupo 8:25 2. Dr. Lupo (Andrea Bertolini remix) 7:33 3. Dr. Lupo (Piatto remix) 8:13

Yoni Oshrat (Schatsi/Ace Ventura), a descendant of a renowned musical family had decided to carve his own path in the forest of electronic music by forwarding himself towards crafting psychedelic masterpieces. At the very beginning creating psy trance was imminent With DJ Goblin he formed the duo Psysex and released 3 albums in Hommega. After collecting enough experience and also establishing himself in the trance scene he changes course. His originality and talent are signed by the sharpness and pumping dancefloor style combined with the progressive groove and crispy mastering. That's the true sound of the Ace Ventura project, currently signed on Iboga records, and appearing on numerous releases from labels like Flow, Domo, Echoes, Blue Tunes, Spintwist & others. This latest release is a collaboration with Rocky, a former member of Chemical Crew with one solo progressive album under his belt. Let us see what it sounds like.

The sturdy beat and the full force of the tune start immediately as Yoni takes up most of the sonic detail and Rocky sets himself responsible for the sublime moments. What we get is a fine blend of somewhat experimental dancefloor rocking material in the original mix(T1). It somehow reminds me of full on but that is compensated by the great arrangement of the song. Starting the head nodding momentum fiercely, a electro house beat kicks in blending with the 'up and down' groove with the remix by Andrea Bertolini (T2). The Piatto remix is a nice day tune accompanied by a chilled cocktail on the beach. The deep and hard kick/bass correlation sneaks directly into our ears morphing itself from a dull and lacking activity beat towards an intelligent and better served version of a remix. The simplicity does wonders here. It's just a perfect example for a remix, the best part of the original track is taken and played with. Every break is carefully thought and a lot of reverberation games are taking place and without noticing or knowing why, the listener will be taken into a state of 'wild stomps and no jabber'... at all. A great tune! (T3)

Recomendation:  What we have here is another release intended to cover all the listeners of multiple styles that the creators are fond of. A solid release that is worth having in the case, because it's new, fresh and dancefloor oriented material. The artwork is showing the cunningness that sometimes beings use in order to obtain their prey and achieve their goals.

Favorite tracks:1, 3(!!).

Review by : Kikola

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