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February 25 , 2024
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Atomic Pulse - The Safi Collection

 ( Spectrum ,  2002 )

1. Digital Self 9:10 2. Prince of Paranoia (pressure mix) 8:52 3. Element (rmx) 8:39 4. Sycho Active 7:45 5. Life Force 7:43 6. The Clone 6:40 7. Monster DNA rmx 9:20 8. Cyber Technology 8:20 9. Synch Meter 7:14

This is the long awaited debut album from one of Israel's most promising acts and let me start by saying that the promise has been fulfilled. Atomic Pulse have been responsible for many hit tracks and usually collaborating and in the shade of others (Astrix, Safi Connection), now it's time they get out in into the light on their own.

The album is a manifest of sophisticated full on, with morning touches, a spark of Goa here and there and puts much emphasis on groove, careful layering and structure, with powerful and well timed breaks and buildups, all perfectly executed. The album sounds very well put together, both in musical direction, sound quality and mastering. I can't say that there are weak or annoying tracks, apart from Prince Of Paranoya (T2) which does not hit the spot with me but the rest of the album certainly does. Best tracks on the CD are Digital Self (T1), which gives this album a flying start, Sycho Active (T4), Life Force (T5) and The Clone (T6)- all strong dance floor burners, and Synch Meter (T9)- a slightly more down tempo morning tune which brings this wild ride album to a gentle halt. What I like most about this album is the gentleness of these full on tracks- they are never too aggressive, too morning or too Goa, the balance between aggression and tenderness, between beat and melody is just about perfect. What I don't like about this album are two things- one is the name: The Safi Collection is too similar to Safi Connection- an act Tamir from Atomic Pulse was a part in for a while (the Prince of Paranoia album). Why confuse the masses? Another thing is the not too exciting album cover- I don't know what is the idea behind it but the result is not an eye pleaser or catcher to say the least. If there's an album on the shelves these days that deserves a shiny sparkling cover- this is it.

Recomendation:  To sum it up we are dealing with a very good CD. In my eyes, this is how contemporary full on trance should sound like these days. The tracks have been tested in many a parties and are fine for home listening as well. Favorites: 1(!), 4, 5, 6, 9

Review by : Guyshanti

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