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February 27 , 2021
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BLT - God is Love

 ( HOMmega ,  Jul. 2002 )


1. Monolith 2. Global Spirit (with Cosma) 3. The Calling (callback mix) (with Danny Makov) 4. Froggy Business 5. God is Love (with Ziv Matushka) 6. She’s My Baby 8. PsyCraft- Bizzare (BLT floor mix) 9. Back to Basics

A third album from BLT after Alchemic Anecdote and Presence, and it tops them all. The same great depth to the music, the same mind dazzling music with lots of feel that keeps growing on you with every listen, but all with superb sound and a different and maturer character and feel. And still is music that touches your heart and makes your brain dance, like all BLT's stuff, which is why I love his music so much.

It starts with Monolith, dark and mysterious, it sucks you slowly into another realm in space- massive atmosphere and a great opener for an album. Then Yuli teams up with Cosma for a storming morning stormer that has BLT's mind factor and Cosma's atmosphere- an irresistible combination. The callback mix to The Calling (released on UFS3) is next. Yuli teams here with one of Israel's best drummers, Danny Makov, doing the live percussion, and the outcome is a dancefloor cracker- that horn at the break just sends everyone flying! And those little percussion touches that keep revealing themselves... Great. Froggy Business (T4, to be released soon on Iboga's Ectoplasma) chill things a bit and takes you to darker realms- mysterious alienated feel with little things happening all around you all the time. Good one to close the eyes to. It all fades into God Is Love, the track that gave the album its great name, a cooperation with Ziv Matushka (Babaganooshka, P.Cok)- just listen- a great deep deep dubby chill track for the heart, with that amazing sample about Aldos Huxley. She's My Baby (T6) comes next- irresistible groove, catchy percussion- gotta dance! I love this track, I love Janice as well. Nonsense follows (T7)- the only track here that carries the feel of Presence. Happy touching morning track. Then the big dancefloor hit of the album- BLT's remix to PsyCraft- great guitars that blows the dancefloor! Back to Basics is the last track (almost) here- aggressive, mind drilling- what Yuli has to say about what is going on in Israel right now. Another favorite. Almost last, I said, because you have a great surprise here in the end- not trance, but possibly the best track in the album- remember- tomorrow never happens...

Recomendation:  An amazing album full of concept, good music and dancing beats- the album that moved me most this year so far- own it and it will stay with you for long. God IS Love.

Review by : Shahar

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