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February 27 , 2021
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Dark Doors - New Zoo

 ( Spiritual Beings ,  Apr. 2004 )

1. New Zoo 9:10 2. Low Pressure 6:27 3. Chinese Drums 6:22 4. Philosopher's Stone 6:19 5. Acrobat 6:33 6. Photosynthetic 6:52 7. Dreamell 6:13 8. Other Planetness 6:34 9. Rush Hour 6:41 10. Ultra 8:06

Dark Doors is Tel Aviv based Ilan Ifrach, he is not new to the scene and he’s being spinning records and creating tunes for 7 years already. You can definitely hear the maturity in the music. This album is pretty much different from most of the things you’ll hear nowadays. Besides perhaps some resemblance to some Doof records artists. This is the second artist album that is being released in Spiritual Beings, a small label that insists on fresh vibe and unique sound. The cover art is somewhat spooky and reminds me the oldie Pigs in Space cover, but instead of pigs in space we get turtles in space. The overall direction is dark night music, as you could already guess from the artist name. Not your usual mega fast loaded with sounds night full on, but rather on the dark progressive and minimal side with little sounds that develop slowly.
New Zoo kicks off with some nature sounds that are abrupted violently after a minute and half and replaced with monotonous bassline combined with basic rhythm section. The tune evolves slowly with several sounds that circle your mind space and preparing you for the trip. Low Pressure (T2) comes in the same flavor but a tad groovier and more evolving. Lots of psychedelic fx and percussion games. Did I mention night? This tune is as dark as possible. Chinese Drums takes us deeper. Additional funky gong sounds were added to the rhythm section and together with few synth lines form some sort of sound stew, hardly digestive by the mind but easily digested by the legs. You just won’t be able to resist the groove. Philosopher’s Stone (T4) has some more melodic approach. Synth stabs that grind your mind and funky percussion are the name of the game here. The tune carries some gothic atmosphere with it. You’d better not hear this one alone. With Acrobat (T5) you receive from the start groovy rolling bassline with cool fx that feed your brain with undecipherable words in alien language. From this tune the album really starts to lift off. One of my favorite tunes in the album. Photosynthetic is next, and it starts with some deep pads and filtered rhythm. Soon enough the rhythm evolves and some intricate percussion action takes place. This tune continues where the previous tune ended. The scratches and the weird fx won’t let you rest or understand what’s going on. Another favorite for sure. Dreamell (T7) is next. Right from the beginning we understand that the Karahana is far from ending. The grinding continues in more minimal kind of way but this tune as well can make the dancefloors burn. Other Planetness is a slower tune with a lot of little changing sounds that build the big picture. This is less danceable I think, and the bassline is almost not felt. Something really weird is going on here for sure, and I’m not sure I can say what it is. Very very deep psychedelia. Rush Hour (T9) is up next. And as the name implies it imitates what tune would some of you write in your head if you should find yourself stuck in Tel Aviv in the rush hour. Dense and nervous sounds all around. I can definitely hear the angry drivers tapping their horns and annoying the surroundings inside the tune. Ultra, the closing tune, is no chill out tune. It’s another grinder. It has some tech trance sounds and some distorted guitars in the background. If you survived the trip so far, you’ll appreciate this one as well.

Recomendation:  If you like your trance hard and edgy, with minimal approach, this one is for you. Forget everything you heard before and dive in. This is not another Isra-full-on. This is dark and grinding. Recommended for those who appreciate the Doof sound and artists in that field.
Favorites: 4, 5(!), 6(!), 9.

Review by : Pavel

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