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February 24 , 2024
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Dark Soho - Sun Spot (special remasterd edition)

 ( BNE ,  Aug. 2001 )

1. Unusual Ceremony 145bpm 8:19 2. Gothic Prayer 140bpm 7:01 3. Supernova 145bpm 7:53 4. From Beyond 145bpm 7:20 5. Depth of Emotion 142bpm 7:14 6. Tales of Tragedy 141bpm 7:27 7. Suckobus 135bpm 7:43 8. Sleep Walking 145bpm 7:02 9. Uine Saracomm 139bpm 6:47 10. Orchestra Pile Pile 145bpm 8:58 (feat. Yahel)

Dark Soho has recently re-released their debut album, after extensive re-mastering and revision by Erez Eizen, of Infected's Pride, and themselves. Amongst the various trance acts in Israel, Dark Soho have proved themselves to be in the eccentric group of few, combining live instruments with the electro spirit of trance music. Of course, like many trance acts, their influences are varied, ranging from classical music, psychedelic trance and heavy, Industrial metal music. Dark Soho, comprised of three members, were mostly metal freaks before joining up in the world of Electro.

The revised Sun Spot features dark and eerie sounds, coupled with guitar parts which seem to be taken directly from Trent Reznor's (of NIN) own workshop. Have no fear though. Dukeman, Boxer and Kadosh manage to combine those to a crackling, smooth and rich yarn, integrating metal sounds with trance groove and synths, and still make metal sound like trance and vise versa.

Distinctive elements of that can be found in the first track, Unusual Ceremony, already. Two guitar parts, one with clean sound with some delay and the other is a searing distorted guitar line with a metallic twang. The melodic synth parts in this track give the listener an Ultra-Sensory bombardment, sending him to a trip in the gutters of rock to the glitters of trance. But more than guitars are applied.

Most tracks contain a classical influence, ambient sounds and of course, the beat of a roaring kick drum, which makes you feel like your heart is pounding in the back of your head.

Suckobus (T6), is not quite the ordinary trance track you'd expect. A calmer, soothing track comprised of mainly low key instruments, and a pretty low BPM. That, however, does not mean this track is one that kids around. . Uine Saracomm (T9), is yet another track which is treated in the same manner. Grinding, creepy and Dark Soho's melodies are not the happy rythmic melodies of the common trance musician. They're more dark, eerie sound and feel, most of it is a night album. However, Dark Soho cooperate here with Yahel, Known better for his uplifting style, and the guys join efforts for a brilliant finishing track (T10, a bonus track, not on the original release), dark, ghastly melodic lines, and very very harsh basslines and drum beats.

Recomendation:  A very high-end production, with revised sounds, editing, and production. Smooth sailing for this one, most recommended. Personal favs: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8.

Favorite tracks:1, 4(!), 5, 7, 9.

Review by : Jason (LyTe)

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