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April 21 , 2024
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Dark Soho

Dark Soho are three young guys from the Krayot, the suburbs of Haifa: Sagiv Boxer, born 1978, a student; Omer Kadosh (Rizo), born 1979; and Zeev Dukeman, born 1980. Both Rizo and Zeev are currently serving their duty in the Israeli army. Both Sagiv and Rizo have a background of guitar playing, they played in an assortment of rock/metal bands, and even cooperated in one band called Limphozitim B. They discovered trance when a friend brought a tape of DJ Jorg (SST). Shakta's Silicon Trip made the final move from metal to trance. One day Rizo received the Impulse Tracker from Roy Sasson (ex-Shidapu), gave it to Boxer as well, and they both started playing with it at home. When it was clear that this was not enough, they decided to buy equipment together, and started working under the name Soho.

Zeev joined later. He played the Violin for 5 years, since the age of 9, went through metal, until he found a Groove Box at a friend's who use to listen to electronic music, and got hooked up. He bought one for himself and started to amuse himself with it. Then he discovered the first TIT compilation, and DNA's Virtual Jungle, connected the Groove Box to the computer, and started making music. At first he worked by himself. Later he met Avishay Terdiman and they formed Chemical Synthesis- they released 3 tracks in Astronomic Trance, a CD- Final Fantasy, and then Zeev decided that it doesn't work for him and went back to working on his own as Dark Entity until he met Rizo and Boxer. They made one track and there was great chemistry, they made another to see that it wasn't a one-time thing, and then Dark Entity and Soho became Dark Soho. Later they discovered that that was the name of a research satellite that was sent to space to research the effect of the solar radiation on Earth.

Dark Soho are influenced by both metal (Dream Theatre, Cradle of Filth) and Trance (Tim Shuldt, X-Dream/Delta, Planet B.E.N., Simon Posford, Infected Mushroom, Space Cat). They make their music by deciding first on the direction of the track (power, melody, etc.), and flow from there. Behind the music there's always some kind of emotion/feeling that they're trying to convey. They work together and everybody takes part. They define Zeev as a criminal mind with rhythms, Boxer is more on the editing and building the track, and Rizo is the computer master. They also play live with two guitars, Synth and Nord Lead.

They released their debut album- Sun Spot- in September 2000, on Sphere in the UK, but the label folded out and they found themselves unpaid and with a successful album that did not reach all its potential audience. So in August 2001 they re-released Sun Spot (special edition) remastered and with a bonus track with Yahel. Their second album- Combustion, was released in December 2002 through UK based Alchemy records.

They also released so far on compilations: The Fusion (The Digital Dance of Shiva), Terra Sancta (Israliens 2), Madness (Voojoo Rituals), Depth of Emotion (Psycoanaesis, Generations), Mega Soho remix (Voltage), Supernova (Atom Smasher), Suckobus (Chapel Perilous), Aggressive (Catcher), Sunspot (Electrum), Dark Memory (Conspirators of Pleasure), Kapa Kuchak (UFS3), Depth of Emotion (IRV~remix) (Orbis II), Dark Soho- Weird Combination (Creeping Ambivalent Tendencies), Dark Soho- The 14th (Digital Tribe), Dark Moon in Stonehenge (Goa 3).
They cooperated with Shane Gobi as Ground Zero and released Digital Plane (Digital Tribe) & Way to Go (Virtual Memory).

Zeev also released Dark Entity- Get Out (The Digital Dance of Shiva), Dark Entity and Guy- 4 Phase (Conspirators of Pleasure).


Web: http://darksoho.isratrance.com

E-Mail: darksoho@hotmail.com

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