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February 25 , 2024
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Digital Drops - compiled by DJ Auspexx

 ( USTA ,  Oct. 2001 )

1. The Gnome Effect- Visions of Gnomes 8:53 2. Atom- Koo Koo 8:06 3. Remedy- There's Something 8:38 4. 12 Moons- Sneaky Suspicion 9:53 5. Outolintu- Johan Pompas 8:13 6. Highpersonic Whoman- Wunderbrum 8:23 7. Squaremeat- Still Alive 8:36 8. Lish- Brain Rush 7:47

There's only one word to describe the USTA people these days- relentless! Their catalogue is growing rapidly with new artists' albums/compilations from their DJs every other week. The latest addition is Digital Drops- compiled by Israeli DJ Auspexx who has spent a great deal of time in Finland and has recently returned to the Holyland, only to release a very unique CD that is a hybrid between the progressive, minimal artists of Europe and the new Israeli talents in Atom, Guyshanti, and the Lish guys. If your expecting 3D Vision basslines and GMS like tweaking- this is not for you. There is a logical progression of tracks here that leaves you facing the sound of today. In places there are flashes of the past and at the same time a vision for the future- it goes a little something like this!

The Gnome Effect with Visions of Gnomes make an excellent start with little percussion and sound games, the first few minutes just draws you in, before diving into the kick and bassline. The ideal opener from the Gnomes, perfect to get the audience moving and the listeners mind interested in what's to come. Then it's Atom with Koo Koo, a cute bouncy track. Nothing massive, fun to groove with lightly, and has a nice rhythm. It's been produced by none other than BLT, so expect cracking sound. Remedy's There's Something is one of the sure 'hits' of the CD. A no-nonsense full on night track and a sure party stormer. 12 Moons continues with Sneaky suspicion. The little touches of melody will give old timers the Goa feel. This is goatrance baby!! It doesn't strike you immediately as you don't have the typical 303 pulses and screaming synthesizers- but feel those sounds and rhythms, a really beautiful track which will be magic in the pre-dawn hours. I cant wait to be dancing to it in the outdoors!! Outolintu go on with Johan Pompass! Straight from the Finnish underground what we have here is a real psytune, very hard to describe as is always the case with the crazy Finnish sound. Keep an open mind, and enjoy. A good one for the acid heads. Highpersonic Whomen's Wonderbaum is one of my favorites here. Just love this style- progressive, percussive, with touches of psychedlia flowing in and out. I'm on the lookout for more from these guys. Squaremeat's Still alive is a very funky tune indeed. I've never heard a track in this style before, but I'm digging it. Imagine a fluro nite club with with lots of neon lights, vodka, and a costume party. Well that's what I'm seeing...
Ending the CD are Lish with Brainrush. This is my favorite here!! Lish are the next big thing out of Israel and this track is just evidence of it. An Atmos like closure with sweet delivery but pumping enough to make the dancefloor go crazy. I love it!!

Recomendation:  Very Recommended. For DJs it's an absolute must- I hope it releases on wax. Excellent for home listening as well, the tracks progress logically, the sound is unique, and most importantly the music rocks! One of the best compilations of the year- Keep on Tal and USTA.!!

Review by : Chaitu

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