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June 27 , 2019
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Digital Performers

 ( Exposure ,  Jan. 2005 )

1. Altom- All of That 7:55 2. Orion- Speaker Speaker 7:54 3. Wizzy Noise- Opus Drive 8:21 4. Logic Bomb- Deuchland 7:31 5. Dino Psaras versus Deedrah- Hellraiser 7:51 6. Astrix- Oranda 7:20 7. Silicon Sound featuring Jaia- Passengers 9:18 8. Alien Project- Alien Technology 6:33 9. Space Cat- H2O 8:03 10. Synthetic- Mind Splinter 6:22

After the successful debut from Exposure Records- All Systems Go- it's time for the second compilation. Yet again, the track list is packed with known and veteran artists, this time with more Israeli representatives.
All of That by Altom opens not too hard or heavy- slow progressions in this one. Perfect to get you into the mood. Speaker Speaker by Orion comes next, the beat gets strong and the mood gets psychedelic. Wizzy Noise follow with Opus Drive. This is definitely one of my favorites here, it has everything from an interesting structure to groovy lines and surprising twists. This one is sure to set every floor on fire. Logic Bomb comes back to the psychedelic realm with Deuchland, a track that uses motives from tracks made years ago. Mind twisting sounds that keep your brain wondering what just happened here. Deedrah joins Dino Psaras for Hellraiser, another excellent track. There's work for the mind as well as the body, not something you hear often these days. Oranda by Astrix is the sixth track. To be honest, I don't see any reason why this should be here. This is a very old track, and it's not good at all compared to his new music. The sound quality is way below the rest of this compilation, as well as the content. The next track makes up for it though, Passengers by Silicon Sound and Jaia is a very good track. There are beautiful moments here, perfect for the early morning hours. Alien Project- Alien Technology is the most pointless track I've heard in a long time. Nothing happens in it, and I must say I wasn't surprised. The ninth track is H2O by Space Cat. I wasn't impressed by his latest work, but this track is an exception. H2O is an extremely energetic track that reminds me of his excellent work from Beam Me Up. Closing the album is Mind Splinter by Synthetic, Deedrah's other project. Just like any other Synthetic track, this track is quite techish and different than the album which gives it a nice touch for the finish.

Recomendation:  This is a very good "hits" compilation with most of the tracks being very good. Some tracks should have been left out (6 & 8), but overall this is good investment. Favorites: 1, 3(!), 5, 7(!), 8.

Review by : Mike A.

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