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February 25 , 2024
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Space Cat - Beam Me Up

 ( BNE / Dragonfly ,  Feb. 1999 )

1. Invasion (with Simon Posford & Jacob Biton) 8:29 2. Robotalk (with Dado) 8:26 3. Beam Me Up 8:23 4. Space Cats 7:52 5. Cat on Mushroom (with Infected Mushroom) 7:52 6. Kreak 8:27 7. New Horizon (with Ofer Dikovsky) 7:40 8. Funky (with Elysium) 10:44

At last another CD from Avi Algarnati!!! Itís been a long long wait since the amazing Virtual Jungle, now as then, Avi is cooperating with the greatest names in trance, now as then, Avi brings the most amazing sounds and the best production. And the music? This might take the place of Virtual Jungle as my favorite night music CD ever. This CD offers a variety of sounds and still leaves you with the feeling you are facing one artwork (and talking about art: beautiful cover!). [here: ">
From the beginning the Invasion (T1) starts and there is no mercy as Avi hosts two psychokings- Simon Posford (Halucinogen) and Jacob Biton (former GMS, Spiral Active)- this is a hard one to devour. Follows, Robotalk (T2) with Fred ďDadoĒ Holyszewski (Transwave, Deedrah) that eases things up a bit, a very jumpy and funky track, fun to listen to. After that Avi cooperates with the other half of Transwave Christof Drouillet in Beam Me Up (T3). A great start with nice beat games, dark powerful atmosphere right from the beginning. I love those spooky melodies all over the track.

Space Cats (T4) is an amazing track that was released already (Matsuriís Forever Psychedelic, Destination Goa 6). One of my favorites here, a real groovy, jumpy night track. This track is so energetic with a lot of layering and very massive sound.

Track 5, Cat on Mushroom, is a cooperation with Infected Mushroom (Erez Eizen & Amit Duvdevani). This is a great night track that is doing wonders in parties for quite a while already. A very intense track, start with a few minutes of beat games that are slowly joined by some more sounds, that music is very minimalistic and lives a lot of room for your imagination, the track slowly builds up to end with a powerful melody. The melody is pitched down and from there emerges Kreak (T6) that was released on UFS. I didnít really get into this track then, but now I really like it, a lot of back and forth games with the music, amazing sound games- just fun to listen to.

New Horizon (T7) brings us again (after too long, if I might add) Avi & Ofer that cooperated so well in the beginning of Israeli trance (Indoor with Marko Goren & Phreaky with Marko & Dino Psaras). Well, the energy is still there, very powerful beat with dark lines, very repetitive, with changing Oforia-like sounds in the background- GRINDING, that is the only word. At the end things go down easy only to accept with welcome the unmistakable tribal drumming that must be coming from Kristian Thinning (Elysium)- Funky (T8)- ends the CD. This is a real interesting one, there is definitely something new here. The combination of real psychedelic sounds that fly all around with the ethnic touch is just amazing! Nice melodies add to the atmosphere- just beautiful- a great psychedelic morning track and a great finish for a great album.

Recomendation:  I can say that if you would have asked me to write the summary to my review before listening to the CD it would probably be the same- am I biased? Might be, but for a good reason, Avi has the greatest sounds around, and this CD is just a must for every trance lover. Itís not that for no reason the biggest names in trance chose to cooperate with him. We have here great night tunes (getting lighter at the end), beautifully arranged together (By Avi himself, who is by the way also an excellent DJ), and the only question is: Can you take it? RUN and GET IT!!!

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 5(!), 6, 8(!) + * also 2LP

Review by : Shahar

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