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March 1 , 2021
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Digital Pride compiled by Mechanix

 ( Digital Reality ,  May. 2009 )

01. Freak Show vs. Ion- Control Your Life (Mechanix remix) 7:14 02. Ananda Shake- G T High 7:30 03. Inner Action- Distorion 6:45 04. Atomic Pulse vs. Fatali- Fatality (Bliss remix) 6:31 05. Basic- Making Dreams 7:37 06. Mechanix- New Balance 7:25 07. E-Jekt- Universal Mind 6:44 08. Hujaboy- Uranium Gutanium 6:54 09. I-Drop- Syntesize 7:14 10. Zion & U-Recken vs. Mind Complex- Weekend Warriors 9:00

Digital Reality, a label based in Sweden, just released their first compilation, with a shining and bright mastering from Vibrasphere. The tracks on this release were selected by no less than Mechanix, a prominent Israeli producer with two heavy weight albums on his belt, which together with his award winning compilation Pump Fiction has defined a distinct style for his music. However, if youíre expecting Eldadís characteristic hard beats haunted by mechanical elements youíll probably be astonished when confronted with the melodies and vocoded vocals he presents in the first track, setting the pace of the compilation with rolling bass lines and making clear this is an up-to-date dance floor directed release. Even more impressive is the second track, a huge dance floor shaker by Ananda Shake, and in fact one of the most energetic and danceable tracks Iíve heard this year. So yes, Mr. Mechanix surprised everyone unleashing an unexpected and yet pleasant selection of full on tracks. Did I mention that the track list is pretty impressive? Yes, it is. It seems that Digital Reality gave Eldad the white card, and he used it to assemble a team of well known and recognized artists usually only seen in the releases of the real big labels out there. U-Recken, Fatali, Atomic Pulse, Bliss, E-Jekt, Basic, I-Drop, Ananda Shake, Hujaboy and others. Wait, Ananda Shake and Hujaboy in the same releaseÖ Eldad really made an effort in this one. But what really grasped my mind about this release is the quality of the music, with no exception all the tracks here make me want to be dancing outdoors. I must say this is a good release to listen to while drinking some espresso shots. As a final note, Iím really enjoying the Weekend Warriors track, and eagerly waiting for the next U-Recken album.

Recomendation:  For a full on DJ this is a must have, itís the kind of stuff that is being played 24/7 in the Brazilian parties, but with a little more flavor. For the psytrance listener, if you like energetic stuff you canít go wrong with this one.

Favorite tracks:2 (!), 4, 5, 8, 10 (!!).

Review by : full_on

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