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March 1 , 2021
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FireWire - compiled by Chakra

 ( Optimus ,  Apr. 2001 )

1. Pasolator 5000- The Last Gun-star 8:20 2. Ticon- Marmite on the Keys 9:13 3. Soul Pitcher- One Way Ticket 8:55 4. Manufacturing Consent- The Green Lab 5:58 5. Lock Clock- 50 NIS in the Back Yard 6:14 6. Hack-Tor- MesameMucho 6:37 7. Z-Domain- Siesta 5:52 8. Soul Pitcher- It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings 7:10 9. Z-Domain- Keep it Cool 7:36

First word that jumps to mind is quality. The guiding strong hand of Rami Shapira (Chakra) is felt all over this release. He produced 5 of the tracks here, co-produced another, and co-written two of them. Optimus show that a trance label can also invest in new artists, and thus deliver a brilliant progressive release with a great feel to it, no low points, and amazing sound of course.

A massive opener from a new Israeli name, Guy Gerber, powerful atmosphere right from the start, building up slowly slowly, layer added to layer, with airy swishes and carrying groove, a lot of small flips and great constant samples work. Perfect opening. Follows Ticon (T2) with the A-side of their Optimus vinyl. The Swedish masters are doing their thing, with larger than life baseline and kick, groovy percussion, slices of sound glued together perfectly one after the other- gotta move your butt! They break and come back with a moving subtle melody, like only they can do- great track. Soul Pitcher (Haim Levi) is next in a first of 4 tracks he is involved in here. One Way Ticket (T3, A-side of his first Optimus 12") starts with a fast old-time technoey feel to it, relentless pushing sounds and happy hi-hats. Always changing, never resting, with deep & club touches. Than we take a sharp break to Manufacturing Consent (a.k.a 3.Turn/Authentik) in a great scratched up massive tune, a bit more trancey then their 3.Turn stuff- very psychedelic, we-mean-business, bang-your-head, groovy track- simple break and entrance from hell- morning madness! Then Haim Levi is back as Lock Clock (T5) with a track with one of the funniest names I have ever seen. A tick-tocking technoey tune, very monotonous, with a compressed flat kick, very sharp and edgy sounds, and grooving hard- hard work for the mind this one- that is until the amazing jazzy opening in the second half. This guy knows what he's doing! We continue with Hack-Tor (T6), Haim and Rami Shapira together. The presence Chakra is felt right from the start with his fat sound occupying all the space around you and few other spaces as well. Relentless monotonic groovy beats, interchanging with soft caressing carpets of sound. Siesta (T7) is another cooperation between Rami and a new artist- Shay Pur- dramatic tribal opening, great percussion, a strong clubby feel, very open and almost relaxing sounds, just as the name suggests, but with enough drive in it- great track for midday, if your party gets there. Then Soul Pitcher is back again with It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings (T8, A-side of his second Optimus 12"), and certainly the strongest of all the tracks involving him here, and the big hit of this compilation. To the point right from the start- a well-calculated audio assault on all fronts- massive yet airy, deep and psychedelic, tribal and very hypnotic, and also a real emotional Goa feel. A perfect morning anthem! Z-Domain closing the compilation with his second track here, this time with Rami only on the production- another relaxing open progressive piece of music, with a caressing feel to it, great use of vocals, and a real naive atmosphere- a great outro.

Recomendation:  Get this bloody piece of plastic- it will do you well- it will take you places!!!

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2(!), 3, 4(!), 5, 7, 8(!).

Review by : Shahar

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