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June 26 , 2019
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Force 9 compiled by DJ Paul Taylor

 ( Sirius Records ,  Jul. 2005 )

1. Intelabeam Vs Slider - Sirius Problem 2. Hujaboy Vs Slider - Underhose 3. Exaile - Black sheep 4. Star X - Amazon fever 5. Time Lock Vs Quantum -Push me up 6. E-Jekt - A2D2 7. 40% - Rumbling mutants 8. PTX - Salvation 9. Black & White -Brainrush

Paul Taylor is one of the more experienced DJ’s of our trance scene, his knowledge and skill behind the decks is decades long. Working with Sirius Records of Japan, Paul has compiled a track list with some of the hotter names as of late in the full on scene; let’s see how it came out.
We begin with Intelabeam and Slider’s “Sirius Problem”. The track starts off with some effects loop and is jumpstarted by the bass line. I like the depth of the bass, quite low and still pumping, it makes all of the other sounds to come much more clearly on top. Intelabeam’s tracks are easily recognized by the clean production and clever fx loop arrangements. I really like this track; in fact, I think it is the best-unreleased track in this compilation. The turn it takes after the break beat part is awesome. An electro influenced synth. carries you over the dance floor explosion culmination (which is never too harsh) and the track finishes up. Very good work from Danny here. Hujaboy and Slider co-op for “Underdose” (T2). It took me several listens to “get” this track, but I think I do now. This is a different approach by Hujaboy, a much more nigh time track with dark sounds, a steady baseline and almost no melodies. The only hint to a melody is at the end, but again, not the usual from him at all. Exaile has given “Black Sheep” (T3) to the compilation. This track is a bit disappointing… I think it has so much potential; the production is so good on it, possibly the highest level on the CD. The sounds up to a certain point are great, the build is interesting, the mood is serious and powerful and yet… the ending is what I dislike. Exaile reminds us that they are part of the Chemical Crew and finish up in a squeaky hook of that nature… shame. On the lighter side of this compilation is Star-X with “Amazon Fever”. This is one of the better tracks here; a steady start and we dive right into the melodies. Star-X is able to maintain a floaty morning atmosphere along with some harsher sounds and good breaks. The sample is quite elevating in itself and the rest of the track is flowing. I like how Time Lock Vs Quantum’s “Push Me Up” starts, the sounds are well defined and clear. I don’t like so much the progression of the track or the build. “A2D2” (T6) is by far the most powerful track on the compilation. It is not exclusive to it and can also be found on E-Jekt’s debut CD entitled “Dark Fader”. The track starts off with some mechanical sounds that are quickly swept up and get carried by a punchy aggressive bass line. This is my favorite E-Jekt track and I’m glad Paul selected it. A2D2 tornados along with quirky breaks and awesome samples until it reaches a break beat part before the finish. This is one of the strongest breaks I have heard in years, a sure way to blow off some heads on the floor. Omi comes next with 40% - “Rumbling Mutants”. Omi is quite talented because he shows us how Chemical Crew sounds and ideas can be used to make an actual psychedelic track… something maybe some of those other signed artists there could take a lesson from. Again, a note on the production since it is so pristine, well done. The track develops into a monster by its conclusion with some really inventive leads and intelligent use of effects. “Salvation” by PTX (T8) is another one of the more aggressive tracks here. Although it’s not as clever in its arrangement as some tracks, it will sure work on the dance floor. Powerful leads and a dynamic bass line are at full use in this case. Last but not least by any means are Black and White with “Brainrush” (T9). Bit-crushed samples to start us off are quickly collected into a bouncy rhythm with a unique base and a strong kick. The track breaks and goes into a typical Black & White structure. The sounds are all tiptop and the melodies and atmosphere are never cheesy. This is a very good track to finish things off.

Recomendation:  Although I have mentioned it several times within the review, I’d like to take a moment and note the quality of production on pretty much all of these tracks (with some outstanding ones) and the mastering on the CD too. It is simply a pleasure to hear good music in excellent quality. This is a solid compilation with some gems on it and some let downs… yet overall a recommended purchase. It seems DJ Paul Taylor has done it again…
Favorite tracks: 1!!,4,6!!,7,9

Review by : Gadi Vered.

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