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February 25 , 2024
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Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed CDS

 ( BNE ,  Feb. 2003 )

1. Deeply Disturbed (edit) 145bpm 3:50 2. Deeply Disturbed (Yahel remix) 137bpm 7:31 3. Deeply Disturbed (Violet Vision remix) 134bpm 6:10 4. Deeply Disturbed 145bpm 8:22 5. Drop Out 90bpm 5:22

Infected's Deeply Disturbed track was originally conceived during the collaboration between the them and Berry Sakharof, veteran Israeli rocker, as a part of a joint venture that brought out a total of three tracks: Yom Huledet (a cover to an old song Berry wrote), Static Dancin' (another remix to an older song by one of Sakharof's bands, Minimal Compact), and Deeply Disturbed, Co-written by the three. All were released on the Birthday CDS.
The Following is a remixes CDS, containing four different perspectives on this track. The first version is a short edit version, suited best for the radio or promos, which contains the spirit of the track in a nutshell. Short, concise and accurate. Yahel takes Infected Mushroom's work to a different realm, using a more progressive build and incorporating a deeper, more emotional sense to this track. The outcome is a tribal/progressive trance tune, with all the soft, fluffy synth work, the searing leads and of course, Berry's guitar, guaranteed to move some asses on the floor. Violet Vision's rendition of Deeply Disturbed (T3) comes from a totally different viewpoint of music. With an acid edge and a big beat approach, Violet Vision take the original sound and manipulate them in subtle, gentle twitches, creating a searing, sweeping groovy track, to be remembered. The fourth track (T4) in this installation is the original one. Enough was said about it. Suffice to say it is still one of the best tracks heard lately, made to rock the floor, and the best proof that rock and trance can indeed co-exist. The final track, Drop Out, is a taste of what Infected Mushroom have in store for the fans, in terms of their much debated "New Style" music. A quirky Intro, with distorted sounds, resonating between analog and digital, this track is more freestyle electronica than your old Infected trance, and pretty good at that. Featuring vocals by Infected's own Amit Duvdevani, this might be the first hint of the change undergoing in mushi kingdom.

Recomendation:  An overall pretty good CDS, with great, crisp sound and a good value for anyone who appreciates good music, and not only trance.
Personal Favs: 3 (!), 5 (!).

Review by : By Jason (LyTe).

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