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February 25 , 2024
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Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 1

 ( Phonokol / T.I.T. ,  1996 )

1. Mystica- Expose 7.05 2. Shidapu- Paradise 5.31 3. Kailum- Kailum 6.36 4. Coma- Fusing of Tones 7.08 5. Astral Projection- Time Began With the Universe 8.14 6. Astral Projection + MFG- The Sleeper Must Awake 7.57 7. MFG- To Eternity 8.44 8. Nada- Transparent Future 8.30 9. Shidapu- Stay Strong 6.34

This CD is a compilation to present the best Israeli trance of the time to the eagerly awaiting world. Combining established acts (Astral, MFG, Mystica), together with the up and coming names of back then (Erez Eizen who was virtually unknown at the time), this CD is still one of the best pieces of music you can buy, and enjoy, and it is needles to say, has a very Israeli sound.
Mystica's Expoze (T1) starts us off with a quick beat, very goa soundtrack, uplifting build ups and an overall energetic feel that sets the trend for this CD, quick and bouncy. Paradise by Shidapu (T2) has one of the best ever grooves, a funky feel and interesting beat changes, especially the eastern groove from min 3.30, followed by another beat explosion. Kailum (T3) is a pretty standard track with a nice build up from min 4.00 followed by a nice stretch sound tune, that seems to never stop and doesn't until the very end. We're staying on the eastern side with Fusing of tones (T4) by Coma, a gentle Arabic tune with a flowing beat, that stops and immediately explodes at half way into the track.
The sound range shifts towards the lower scales when Astral Projection's TBWTU (T5) begins. A massive groove, created by a mega bass drum and heavy synth pads, flows till an uplifting synth line hits at min4.30 and rockets you higher and higher. As always with Astral, its that huge wall of sound that is simply overwhelming. Track 6 is a summit meeting between Astral and another of Israel's big names MFG. The result is The Sleeper Must Awake- a corner stone in goa trance. Huge sounds, monumental, victorious buildups, spacey melodies, every thing one can expect. To eternity (T7) by MFG starts with heavy, mid tempo beat and bass line, that comes together in min2.35, a great sample and a massive groove to follow.
Transparent Future (T8) by Nada is a bouncy minimalistic track, in which the beat, pounds steadily and the melody develops slowly all the way through the track, like a giant build up. It all begins again after a nice beat break at min 6.00.
The final track is simplicity in its finest. Stay Strong by Shidpau (T9) starts off with a beautiful melody on top of which a brisk beat quickly builds. The beat breaks and buildups at quarter and half way are great and so is the POING! sound FX used.

Recomendation:  This is the cream of the crop of Israeli trance of 1996. These tracks still have all the musical relevance they once had and now there is a historic reason to buy this piece of history. Many of the artists who's work is brought here have continued and still are making music, with various degrees of success, and will do more in the future.

Favorite tracks:1-9.

Review by : GuyShanti

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