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February 25 , 2024
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Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 2

 ( Phonokol / T.I.T. ,  1997 )

1. Oforia- Timelessness 9:27 2. Mystica- Orly's Remix 5:54 3. Nada & Dj Jorg- Viking 7:17 4. Prodenya- Magnetic Fields 6:44 5. Shidapu- Vertigo 6:14 6. Astral Projection- Sound Form 8:32 7. Miko & Har-Ell- Disneyland 7:29 8. P.cok- Pletorax 7:33 9. The Passenger- Planet Earth 8:23

This is the second album in the Israel's Psychedelic Trance series. It shows us a change in the Israeli trance making style. Everything gets more uplifting, more full on. Here you can feel the roots of a genre, that would appear a year later, the Nitzhonot style. But this album isn't only uplifting trance, it's also very psychedelic, it has the Goa feel to it.

The first track on the album is Oforia's Timelessness. It starts with a very quiet sound, need to turn up the volume to see that it's there. Soon after that we get the "I witness the mind" sample followed by the bass and then Ofer's typical style kick drum- strong and pounding. The track is always changing and evolving with the metallic Oforia sounds. The next track is Mystica's Orly's Remix, with an instant start and spacey melodies it does it for me. It has a great structure and sounds that sweep all around. Too bad that it's too short, less that 6 minutes. Nada & DJ Jorg follow with Viking (T3), that sorts of gets mixed together with the previous track. It has strong hi-hats and a soft kick drum. Some sounds are really funny- sort of beaten up drawf without air. It has short breaks and entrances that come right after, it probably did the job in a party. The "god of the vikings" sample doesn't seem to fit the track, sounds like they put it there just to have a sample in the track. The next track is Prodenya - Magnetic Fields (T4) (with Dave Saragosi from Kailum). The background melody that remains through the whole track doesn't seem to get boring somehow... I can define this track only as Psychedelic Nitzhonot. Psychedelic melodies together with a hard & heavy kick drum, snare drum overuse, structure that makes people go crazy. Nice, although some parts in this track don't seem to connect very well. The fifth track is a classic track- Vertigo by Shidapu- a high bpm track, spooky track as my sister says. Psychedelic Nitzhonot again, strong kick drum and snare rolls leading to massive explosions. Following Vertigo is the remix to Astral Projection's Sound Form (T6). The track begins with a sample and slowly building up until the silence and exploding massive kick drum, flowing sounds flying all around, killer drum beat. Very uplifting, resonating screaming sounds. Very full on just like Astral Projection knows how to do. Definitely the best track on this album. California Sunshine are next on private name basis as Miko & Har-Ell with Disneyland (T7). The full on part of this album stops here. Getting harder and more complex. Typical California Sunshine track- flying melodies with a psychedelic background together with weird samples. Not the best we hear from them. The next track is P.Cok's Pletorax (T8). It opens with a lush delayed melody but then the symphonic strings ruin it. This track sounds bad, no connection between parts, unrelated sounds... Didn't like it, although some people may like it because it's quite psychedelic. Closing the album is The Passenger with Planet Earth. This track is a bit slow compared to the rest of the album by the standards of that time. Groovy bassline and groovy background sounds. Flowing melodies that evolve constantly. This track doesn't have as much as drums like the other tracks on the album, which gives it a more chilled feel. One of the best tracks on this album (a remix of which, can be found on Cosmic Communication).

Recomendation:  This album marks a change in Israeli trance. A move from the traditional Goa to a more uplifting and full on style, but it's still extremely psychedelic- what makes this album so good. Most of the tracks are great with some exceptions. My favorites: 2,3,5,6(!),9.

Review by : Mike A.

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