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February 24 , 2024
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Lish - Dejavoodoo

 ( USTA ,  Feb. 2002 )

1. Dejavoodoo 7:54 2. Hollywood Superstar 9:09 3. Kakvo Iskach 8:31 4. Elastica 8:58 5. The Aftermath 8:11 6. Insane Cycel 7:55 7. Dead Yet? 8:24 8. Under Mixed Sky 9:40 9. Bring the Pain 7:40

We have here an excellent debut album from a new Israeli group. So far they released a 12" and few tracks on compilations (New Frontiers, Digital Drops and more) that already got us started. Now we get the full story. Lish deliver a deep musical experience flying us through a maze of sounds, dark and light. All with a lot of depth, an irresistible groove, sizzling percussion work, and some mind dazing psychedelia.

It starts with the slow and mellow Dejavoodoo- amazing groove, powerful atmosphere and sucking you to another dimension. Hollywood Superstar (T2) follows, starting easy and breaking into hard dark mayhem, all with a very bouncy groove and great percussion. Kakvo Iskach (T3) goes next and it's another nice groovy percussive tune, in a more airy and lighted atmosphere. Elastic (T4) is one of my favorites here, no-nonsense grinding hypnotiser with flying dubby sequences with a distorted bonus and totally Pink Floyd break. A joy. The Aftermath (T5) takes you to real dark realms in a crazy samba rhythm and totally nutty sounds- to explode parties in the middle of the night. Insane Cycel (T6) is another dark groove work, with some nice openings. Dead Yet? (T7) is another favorite, strong atmosphere that sucks you into another dimension immediately and gives you a sightseeing tour. Sounds that really penetrate. Under Mix Sky (T8) is a remix of Under Wicked Sky that appeared in Dig It from USTA- it gives the original a nice twist and already gets people to fly in the mornings of parties. Bring the Pain ends this great CD to an end with another groovy and open piece, that we can already say is typical of Lish.

Recomendation:  Excellent! So far the best release of 2002, and promising to be one of the best even 10 months from now when this year ends. A bit more work on the sound and these guys will really shake the world. A must!

Review by : Shahar

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