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June 19 , 2024
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New Frontiers - compiled by Gidi Hovek Olam

 ( USTA ,  Nov. 2001 )

1. Psycraft- West Side 7:38 2. Alien Project feat. DJ Gidi- Beatwins UFO 7:04 3. Boiling Point- Tenis Bahalal 7:52 4. Lish- Green Show 7:32 5. Inoxia- Deceiver 8:16 6. Human Blue- Moods 9:01 7. BLT feat. DJ Gidi- Purple Lotus 7:29 8. PPS Project feat. DJ Gidi- Aquarium 6:49 9. Sesto Sento- Soap Bubbles 7:46

DJ Gidi is back with his second compilation after the excellent Voojoo Rituals. He offers here a solid CD with a concept and variety that sits well together. It's all pretty full on, though in different styles, and aimed straight to the floor. Mostly good stuff, with some weak points.

PsyCraft open with the excellent West Side, these guys just get better and better after the release of Gravitech. A great fusion between the European groove and crunch and the Israeli full on feel topped with their amazing bluesy guitars. Great opener. Things get more full on with the first out of three Gidi cooperations, here with the rising Alien Project. Beatwins UFO (T2) offers the expected in-yer-face morning feel, with nice percussion and groove, and a-la-Astral-Projection entrance to drive people nuts. Boiling Point is a new artist and Tenis Bahalal (tennis in space, in Hebrew) is a hectic scratchy tune of full on bouncing madness, very high up of the scratch scale. Lish, the new promising duo, follow with Green Show (T4) more in the progressive realm, but still pretty scratchy, with master Morison giving the opening speech to a very liquid piece of music. Good stuff. Inoxia, another new one for me, continues with Deceiver (T5) a strong hard track with housey hi-hats and boing-boing rhythm, which I don't really like. I find the sounds too harsh and cold. To relax you from that hard experience you get Human Blue with Moods (T6) and the Swedish clean progressive sound with an amazing penetrating emotional tune that will make you heart move along with your body, a real gem. We move to BLT hosting DJ Gidi in another delicious track for the mind and a lesson in grooves. Another track that takes it's time to grow on you, but won't leave you after that. A proved dancefloor buster. PPS Project, another promising newcomers, also with Gidi, offer a more technoish piece, still very psychedelic beepy and squeaky. Good one, but needs a production upgrade. Sesto Sento, also a new group, finish things up and take us back to the good old days on full on morning madness, and while the melodies and ideas are nice, the production and sound are downright awful and the build of the track is too rusty. This shouldn't have been released, not like that anyway. A shame, as the potential is definitely there.

Recomendation:  This is first of all effective floor material that still manages to be very enjoyable listening experience.

Review by : Shahar

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