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March 4 , 2024
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Maskalin - Way of Life

 ( HOMmega ,  May. 2001 )


1. Freakish 130bpm 7:08 2. Music (a way of life) 136bpm 8:23 3. Ride On 138bpm 7:20 4. Oriental Funk 140bpm 7:36 5. Loud & Proud 145bpm 8:17 6. Groove Session 144bpm 7:20 7. Turtle House 138bpm 7:55 bonus tracks: 8. Way of Life 142bpm 8:03 9. Alien Funk 145bpm 11:11

Maskalin was always a side project, both for Moshe Keinan (Xerox) & Itzik Benisti (Cosmic Navigator), but still most Maskalin tracks were real hits and always a joy, with that funky feel to them. So here is a Maskalin album, and it is a pleasant experience indeed. First thing, it's pretty indefinable, which I see usually as a good sign. Second it is very funky and groovy with thick atmosphere. And third- it's just pure fun to listen too, which is most important.

Freakish starts the journey slowly, disco style, a cute groovy track and a nice warm up. Music (T2) already moves things around- the real new hit of this album, a deep progressive track with a real strong hypnotizing atmosphere that touches you inside, and an irresistible groove. It makes me feel my love to music streaming in every cell in my body. Brilliant! Ride On (T3) is a groovy funky punky tune, a bit darkish, and coming on in waves, with nice little tribal percussion games, and great bass work- I would loose that sample though, doesn't go well with the feel of the track. Follows the classic Alien Funk (T4, the opener to Xerox's Freestyle and also released on TIP World's Trance de Eivissa), a real funky track- as funky as it gets- with a lot of brain scratching sounds and a great soft, yet penetrating, caressing melody. A thick atmosphere in this extremely danceable track, that I have to say, aged very well- still pure joy. I didn't like Loud & Proud (T5) when it appeared on Full On 5, but I think that the reason was that it was just out of place- it's not full on. It sits right in the spot here and continues Oriental Funk swiftly. More of the funky, spacey and a little dubby melodic lines, spread on driving baseline, with a lot of little breaks and percussive games. Groove Session (T6) is just that- a lot of groovy percussions in a clubby atmosphere- sneaky little sounds flying all around in a happy feel with a little madness in the corner of the eyes. Another favorite. Turtle House (T7) is another groovy one and a sure dancefloor hit- I find no words for this one, it's just a good airy track, and an example to one of these times when one crazy sound does all the work. The last two tracks appears as bonus, though I'm not sure why. Way of Life that appeared in UFS2, is a real favorite, a great full on pre-dawn track, with real powerful pounding kicks accompanied by an atmospheric sampled chant, moving something inside you, which cannot be expressed in words. A dancefloor sweeper, here in a longer version. Alien Funk, closing the CD, is one of the first Maskalin tracks and a real real classic, it appeared on the first Full On and on Mark Allen's classic Shamanic Trance, and for me as favorite nostalgia it's beyond judgment, but it shows well the change in sound, production and style of the music in the 4 years that passed. Nevertheless, it's still a great full on psychedelic journey, like they don't make today anymore. Good to be reminded.

Recomendation:  Great fun CD, as funky as trance gets with a lot of groove, and touches of everything. Highly recommended, especially for the waking up after a party.

Review by : Shahar

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